A tiny bit about me

Hi. You must be really bored (and not playing!) to read this quickie bio. Here’s the short form.

  • Almost all of my characters are female, although I’m male. Why? Because chicks kick ass. 🙂
  • The “Glasender” surname is something I made up in my Neverwinter Nights gaming. Unless someone is spoofing me, if you see that name anywhere, it’s me playing one of my characters.
  • I relish support and specialist characters. Pure melee or magic bores me. My favorite class in NWN was the monk, but DDO makes that a bit more challenging. For now, I tool primarily with Pynthetica, my Arcane Archer Ranger (DPS here means, “Damage per shot”, like a shotgun!) and my up and coming cleric, Arcangela (of the awesome guild “Tyrs Paladium”). (I realize there are other “Arcangelas” on other servers, but they aren’t me–look for that surname of mine.)
  • It took NWN to break the “Diablo 2” crack I was on. I avoided WoW for the same reason…only to find DDO. Damn.
  • If my time online seems inconsistent from August 2010 through the year’s end, it’s because I’m getting married in early November and RL obviously takes priority.
  • I’m much older than you think. 🙂

I guess later I might put down some game standards I play by to help others know me and the toons I have. I do play on Ghallanda primarily.

More to come.


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