Enlightenment Continues

As an acolyte to the monastery, like many others, the depth and breadth of basic skills required to conquer my foes was challenging alone, never mind the method to slay while minimizing damage.

But now I have gained much experience and skill. I can go, completely alone, where many of other classes with similar skill would never dare. The path of Harmonious Balance allows me a path of healing and self-sufficiency that few others attain in Ebberon.

Yet, there is still more to do.

As an officer in the guild Tyrs Paladium, my goal as their abbot for other acolytes is to ensure they grow in strength and wisdom as well, through proper gear (donated as they level) and in chats. While my own situational experience cannot grow, my tools to augment my gained knowledge continue to be developed.

That means I must return to the darkness, some familiar, others newer. All far deadlier as an epic battle must be waged to gather and craft gear that will fortify me in these battles.

Our guild now works on epic battles, inviting its members on weekly runs into the dark. I aid whenever I can here, but also want to focus on adventures in the plane of Amrath, to defeat the leaders of that endless battle and gain the Rings there. A monk can craft these rings for holy burst damage, allowing additional Good-aligned damage that can stack with other handwraps, allowing an additional modifier in the fight.

I am not yet ready to return to the Beginning to further my enlightenment and to aid other monks. There is still more to do.

If you are interested in a guild that explores rather than powers through quests, that schedules regular raids and adventures and is always willing to help any, young or old, acolyte or grandmaster, do look for me or others in Stormreach. Tyrs Paladium is nearing level 50 and looks for more adventurers to conquer the whole of Ebberon, throughly and with great rewards to all.

If you are a student of the unarmed arts, I, Syncletica, would be particularly pleased to meet and aid you. Blessings.

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