End-Game Monk Gear

The forum boards have a bit on what the well-fashioned Monk should strive to wear by the time they reach their capstone, yet much of the information is older and misses out on changes in recent DDO updates.

Well, I’m going to bring us a little more up to date.

Syncletica is my capped light Shintao monk. She already has these special gear items that are epic-level or can be upgraded:

*Oremi’s Necklace: CON +6, Enhanced Ki +1. This is an awesome way to generate ki rapidly, especially in Fire stance.
*Epic Brawling Gloves (Tier 3): Adds piercing damage, adds an extra chance to stun, sneak damage, STR+7, two augment slots. What’s not to like, except…
*Spectral Gloves: DEX+5, Attack +2, Ethereal. I immediately switch to these from the Brawling Gloves when ghosts and dream creatures appear. Epic version adds more to DEX and attack, with a yellow augment slot.
* The Blood Stone: Leading additional crits is paramount. At the rate that you will hit, the odds of crits are very good. A Blood Stone makes this all the more likely. Now, add a Blood Stone to a Monk in Earth Stance III or IV and you have a destroyer: Your handwraps/weapons will go to x3 to x5 crits (thanks Update 9!). If I can get this upgraded, so much the better.

The items that Syn would trade half of her guildies over to the devils for include:

*Shintao Cord and Kyosho’s Ring: The necklace gives CON+6 and Concentration +15, and the ring WIS+6 and Enhanced DEX +1. Together, they give not just an exceptional +2 to To-Hit and to damage rolls but the ultimate DR busting reward. If you are Shintao Monk III, your unarmed attacks bust Good or Evil DR. That means that you can stack damage, foregoing Pure Good/Righteous wraps for extra damage on your prefix and suffix. Can you say “+3 Stunning Burst Handwraps of Greater Outsider Bane” to Harry in the Shroud? Yes, yes you can. And, most importantly, the ring’s Incredible Potential can be unlocked to add elemental bursts that work on unarmed damage. A Holy Burst ring–oh, my.
*Oremi’s Ring: A nice match to my necklace. This ring can also be crafted. When both items are worn, there’s 1d6 fire damage in every hit. A worthy option except against iron golems and most devils.
*A Greensteel Cloak tier 2, +45 HP, DEX, Stoneskin 2x, eventually Chain Lightning. As soon I’m certain that the strange issues with tier 3 crafting are done and gone, a Shroud run or two might give me the last ingredients needed to craft this one last time. (Remember that GS handwraps don’t exist–that’s the benefit of working on the rings from the Tower of Despair (ToD) raid (see below).

So, what’s missing?

Well, anything that adds the following is a bonus:

* Healing amplification. Syn just rearranged her enhancements for both Human and Monk Improved Recovery III. The effects on her Healing Ki bursts is very encouraging.
* Greater False Life/hitpoints/Toughness. Syn sits at 387-407 HP, even after I had to drop a Racial Toughness level or two. I have a GFL and a Heavy Fort belt at present. When not wearing the Garments of Equilibrium, I put on the Icy Raiment for better saves and AC, which lacks HF.
* Unstable Handwraps: So the bug in handwraps of non-lawful alignment which can be wielded without a negative level is now officially a working-as-intended matter with these babies. Too bad you can’t add anything more to these, but they should make Amrath runs a real treat for Shintao Monks or those with unlocked ToD rings.

What you should farm for as you make your way upward:

* Sacred Helm: Deathblock on your head means never having to take off your Icys or Garments of E. I still keep my Deathblock Outfits of (Elemental) Resistance but, with higher saves, this is less of an issue. It’s companion ring, worn together, may add 30% healing amp, but I have yet to confirm this.
* Metal-studded handwraps. These sometimes drop in the Devil’s Assault quest. If you’re lucky, a Pure Good prefix might be found on them to satisfy the Ninja Spy dark monk’s desperate need for DR punching handwraps that Shintao Monks don’t have to work for.

More to come as I chew through new information.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Glenalth
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 20:58:31

    The Shintao III bonus on the set is mostly useless since Holy Burst on any of your rings supplies 1/2 of that already. The remaining bonus is only useful when you’re fighting through Running with The Devils at level 18+.

    • Spencerian
      Jul 11, 2011 @ 11:47:36

      That makes sense! It seems such a rare pull combination that I haven’t heard anyone talk about it’s benefits (not to mention, yeah, you already have PG imbued in a ring–any ring at all). At the same time, if you are lucky to have the two items, adding Shocking Burst to that ring leaves you to add something other than the two to a 2nd ring, it seems. Thanks for the note!

  2. jb111
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 12:36:03

    I just want to say thank you for posting this. It’s one of 3-4 posts I’ve found talking about high level monk gear. I’m struggling with it but determined to get out of my 11-13th level gear. Cheers.

  3. Spencerian
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 07:23:39

    Not a problem! While you won’t be able to use most of what I mentioned until 17 or so, it gives you a direction to help stack damage on your attacks.

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