The Blessings of Healing Amp

After reconfiguring Syncletica’s enhancements to take Human Improved and Monk Improved Recovery III, while in GM Wind Stance, Syn pulls an average 75 HP from Healing Ki, an easy increase from 40-60 before the changes. In Fire Stance this spikes to 80-90. I don’t think I’m even wearing any Potency items as I normally do when I watched these numbers, so I’ll go back to test later to see if they influence things, as well as with Ardor potions.

But it’s when Clerics heal me that tickled me very pleasantly lately. In a recent successful elite run in Running with the Devils, a Cleric heal smacked me with a 200+ burst. I’m not sure if Cleric’s empower is stacking with my amplifications, but there it is.

The adjustments were a Good Thing that should be noticeable in later Shroud runs and raids. Muchos gratias to the many on the boards that learn this and pass on the knowledge.

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  1. PNellesen
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 15:36:07

    I LOVE running my clerics with guys with ridiculously high healing amp – knowing I can keep them up with just my aura gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Nothing like running Epic Last Stand and being able to heal everyone with not much more than scrolls and a Burst now and then because they all have taken 3 tiers each of Improved Recovery 🙂

    Monks in particular are awesome – ran the new chain on my level 17 cleric, and one of the guys was getting 100HP on a crit aura tick. Made me VERY happy 🙂

  2. RaspberryX
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 10:27:06

    And I’m sure the Cleric’s loved seeing such high numbers roll off of you! Also the only items that you can wear that will affect a Cleric’s healing are healing amp items. Otherwise it’s all on the Cleric to stack up Potency, Empower Healing, Maximize and whatever else a Cleric can do to jack up their spells. Still…WOOTS FOR HEAL AMP!

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