A Few Small Repairs

I’ve never been much for playing spell casters. Still don’t. But the Artificer, more like a fusion of Rogue and Wizard, has grown on me like inoperable skin cancer. They are awesome.

Being new to Wizardry gameplay, I realized that, while you have a limited number of spells, you can learn any of them through scrolls for later swapping out in your spell list. That versatility makes for gameplay I’ve not enjoyed except as one of my Monks.

One of them is Cure Admixture: Remove Poison. This is an area-of-effect ability! Throw one potion and everybody gets cured.

I was already impressed with Cure Admixture: Cure Serious Wounds while playing with a handful of fellow Tyrs Paladium guildies in the Red Fens quest, The Last Stand, hard difficulty. Several guildies were dealing with mobs on one side while a couple of NPCs and my pet were managing nasties on the other. Both sides were getting a beating.

Our hireling clerics were worthless. Update 11 causes the more reliable of the clerics I’ve used not to heal themselves or their employs regularly, as well as charge into fighting even in defend mode.

My repeater allowed me to to stay more or less in between the mobs. After dropping down a flame turret for crowd control, I targeted one of the party and threw a couple of Cure Serious Potions in their direction. Two heal bursts welcomed their depleting HP. I moved to target the NPCs on the other side to repeat the needed heals and turned a few fish men into pincushions.

Throwing potions is an awesome idea. Unlike scrolls, I needn’t place them in my hands. Looks like thrown potions are faster to use than scrolls as well. And I can load up on potions for long adventures. Can’t wait to use this ability during huge raids like the Shroud, where heals are needed without getting too close.

Another joy of being an Artificer: You are a master of constructs. I had been flagging myself fast for Vault of Night (save VoN 1, Tharashk Arena, thanks to some guildmates, where we ate the place for lunch) just so I could see what Arcammedes (my Arty) could do inside Haywire Foundry.

I entered with Syracuse and one Cleric hireling on Normal (didn’t want to push it). Beforehand I was worried that I couldn’t get my repeaters with enough firepower to take down the nasty iron golems at the end fight. But then, as I was enraptured by inscribing spells, I found one that would help: Inflict Serious Damage. By spell alone I could break the golems as I kited them around, if I had to. To help in spell points (which I’m learning quickly that Artificers have fewer than they could use), my action points went into enhancements to increase that  bit.

I also looked into using force damage against those robots. I had just acquired Recoyle from Threnal to help here, and thought that adding a Power V shard to it in Cannith Crafting would help, too. But, like Coyle himself, Recoyle now gives me problems. The craft was successful but sent the augmented Recoyle as a Level 15 weapon–worthless to my Level 10 character. Guess I’ll have to run a part of Threnal again sometime. Twice, really. I could use the Mantle of the Worldshaper, too.

I pulled the lesser-damage Thought Spike and moved on. At least I recrafted some armor with a little more SP if I needed it–without sending its level requirement into the stratosphere.

My journey through Haywire’s factory was, in short, a domination. Keeping an eye on Syracuse (a powerful little intimitanking pet) to ensure he stays attacking (a glitch sometimes stops him from doing so) and the zerging hireling, I pressed through the factor nicely, thanks to good trapfinding, a crafted +3 Screaming Repeating Light Crossbow of Lesser Construct Bane with a frost elemental weapon imbue and Battle Engineer skills to bring the weapon to a +5.

I came to the moment of the final fight. At least I remembered the rune wheel puzzle solve quickly and kept Syracuse from dissolving his face too much on the attacking oozes. Thought Spike went back on (was using Khyber’s Fury for its moderate fortification and fireball shot that makes breaking collectables ridiculously easy) and out came a few +1 Construct Bane bolts to go with my Construct Bane crossbow.

The repeater made it easy to lure out each of the adamantine dogs first, leaving the three iron golems. When the red-named RC1 showed up, I welcomed him with an Endless Fusillade before kiting him about, taking opportunities to break his insides through a few spells of Inflict Serious Damage as I ran about. A few shots later, RC1 was scrap metal.

It was the fastest and easiest end to iron golems I’d ever done on any toon that didn’t have a smiting weapon.

Hell, I even got to enjoy destroying the mithral dogs that lined the exit out of the place as it was about to blow up.

Conquest, Ransack, Ingenious Debilitation. Getting 10,000 XP for my trouble on Normal wasn’t a bad thing at all. Nope. Not at all. I am SO going back there and ransacking the place.

Doing the Made to Order quest is next on my list. More golems to break.

Maybe it’s the computer tech in me that loves the Artificer class so much. There’s so much to tinker.

And so many bad, bad machines that have “PC LOAD LETTER” inscribed on their bodies.

It’s time for a few small repairs, I say, loading up my Bolts of Baseball Bat.


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  1. Spencerian
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 14:33:12

    And, yes, I did have Wrack Construct available to me. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to use it; my beatdowns and aggro management with my pet were more than sufficient. Maybe, once I try this on Hard difficulty…

  2. Evennote
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 19:02:43

    I can’t keep up with the toons I already have, but after reading this I’m thinking that maybe I really DO want an Arti.

    Oh, and not sure if it was intentional, but nice Shawn Colvin reference in the title – that’s one of my favorite albums. 🙂

  3. deahamlet
    Nov 20, 2011 @ 12:07:16

    Hehe, other than being an idiot and falling down before the bridge came down at the end and thus repeating the whole thing all over again… I found Haywire Foundry to be surprisingly easy. Even on hard. I conserved my Inflict spells for the Iron Golems and the boss, but I used a completely different tactic… Put a fire turret in the door before opening, dog and cleric hireling decide to attack the dogs blocking the doorway… so I decided to target the boss, a few Inflict spells and some xbow damage (I can’t remember what I used, but probably my Seeker+6 of maiming, I have Construct Bane bolts but I always forget to change bolts for the situation, oops)… boss down, then Iron Golems were down with just the xbow. Lastly one of the dogs was still alive so he went down too.

    Fire turret is such a boon for the oozes, unbelievable!

    • Spencerian
      Nov 22, 2011 @ 11:48:51

      It’s awesome, isn’t it? I’m still learning the metamagics, but my guild leader pointed out that they often stack. So, in I went again, kicked on Empower and Maximize when the golems came marching, and BAM! I was using Inflict Critical Damage in the 150-190 range each time, turning the insides of the Master Control Program into so much scrap. Artificers were built to handle Haywire with little issue. And, yeah, Flame Turret is awesome, less for the damage but more for its aggro effect, giving you time to dispatch with your bow before they’re the wiser.

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