The Three-Minute “Frame Work”

So, I was feeling bored and wanted to continue pushing the stealth skills of Ryncletica, my dark Monk. After a fashion, I’ve learned to solo her (no hirelings) in a few quests (such as “Maraud the Mines” and “Blockade Buster“). So I did a Google search on DDO quests where stealth is useful and found this article on Frame Work, Elite difficulty.

There it tells of the story of “Mr. Cow,” a player on Khyber that completes that quest in about 3 minutes.

That’s right. Three frickin’ minutes.

After watching the Bovinemaster in action, I attempted to repeat it with Ryncletica.

It works.

Now, Mr. Cow’s toon was not purely a Monk. He had some spellcasting ability that helped him. Ryncletica is a Ninja Spy, so her options came down to using Shadow Fade (1 minute invisibility and partially insubstantial) with Hide/Move Silently to quickly get parts for the ballistas. Well, not so quickly. That added 4-5 minutes to scour the countryside.

Getting in was done just as the Cowster did it, over the Fisher’s Gate. Had to dispatch a few minotaurs that had good Spot or True Seeing before I found the one ballista that’s conveniently pointing towards the interior of the boss’s lair. Stoned a runt to complete the first goal.

That’s where things went more pair-shaped. I launched myself into the lair. The medusa’s dialogue can be interrupted if you’re detected. The Cowmeister’s invisibility was so strong that he meditated right next to the Chieftain (your last goal) as the NPC dialogue continued.  I settled on meditating outside before entering just in case. I wanted my master attack to be ready. The Touch of Death, a 500-point power strike that may likely kill the chieftain outright.

But there was also two or three target I wanted to consider, although the Bovine Master avoided them. There’s an ogre mage and an armored Droaam orc there that I hoped to keep at bay to open the chest there (which Mr. Cow did just for sport). Most people on the board knew the goal of speedy completion is just for the XP.

Ryn was able to dispatch the chieftain fast but, unlike Mr. Cow’s attempt, the secondary bosses were on top of me quickly. With no hireling and only my Vampiric Stonedust Wraps to help healing, I wouldn’t last too long. After somehow managing to open the chest, I bailed back to Dorris, the wise-cracking quest giver, to receive about 4,000 XP. Not bad.

Perhaps the use of paralyzers will give me just enough time. The best tactic I had was to smack about the growing mob to recharge my Touch of Death and pop it as often as possible. Same for another death strike (except for the red-named), the Quivering Palm.

Guess who’s farming that quest this weekend?

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