Samsara: Syncletica in the Cycle


noun /səmˈsärə/ 

The cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound

Syncletica, my main girl, a Light Monk, entered through that circle through True Reincarnation and returned, again, as a Monk, with greater potential from lessons learned in her first, turbulent life. I had planned to TR her on Easter, but with a quieter household this week and trying to fight some personal blues, Palm Sunday was the day of Syncletica’s resurrection.

It’s my first time to use True Reincarnation, so I’m still learning the robes. I see that your character gains a free automatic feat for Past Life of your last class. For me, that’s Past Life: Monk, with +1 to damage rolls. It wasn’t what I was expecting when, after I leveled to 3 and chose my Philosophy (a Light Monk again), I saw a new feat: Past Life: Disciple of the Fist. This was what I was waiting to see. It sends your Monk’s unarmed damage rolls up by a step (so 2d4 is 2d6, 2d10 is 2d12, etc.), gives a boost to Concentration, and allows an Evasive trance.

That Evasion trance seems a little odd until I thought about it. Monks receive Evasion very early at level 2 (a reason why two levels of Monk is a popular option for some melee types). So, this trance may give characters with past Monk experience that TR as a non-Monk to get that Evasion back using this option and without multiclassing, albeit with the price that it is not a permanent feat but more like a clicky. It’s only active for 20 seconds and still requires the character to use light armor or less and not be encumbered.

Syn received a little makeover, giving her an appearance that’s more of a blend of the dark features of her desert monastic namesake as well as Asian features from the lovely kung-fu action girl that graces this blog as my avatar: Michelle Yeoh.

This time around, I didn’t suffer the problems in knowing what a Monk could do. Syn went through Korthos and made fish sticks out of the fish people, never entering a quest on anything but Hard difficulty or better. I missed my Healing Ki for some time, having the Level 1 cleric hireling Dryad (didn’t she have a helmet before Update 13?) help me out until I punched and kicked myself to Level 3.

To my shame, I hadn’t as many low-level gear from my guild’s Monk bank as available to me as I thought. I did have one nice item: the Fernian Wraps from the Threnal chain, with no minimum level.

So far, choices for Enhancements are in line, no APs wasted. Didn’t add Weapon Finesse again, yet, in study of what I may integrate from the classic Rockan’s build and his avoidance of it since STR and DEX are often so closely set for many Monks. Syncletica was built at first from my own Neverwinter Nights knowledge and had to be retweaked twice to fit DDO’s gameplay (including a Greater Reincarnation) to get her to what she was. Lynncletica is a better result of all that knowledge gained from Syn’s retwinking; STR-based, but far durable and happily sitting at 509 HP, unbuffed.

I’ll likely still choose Weapon Finesse since I get better AC over time and hits (Syn’s really missing punches at the moment). As for that second Past Life feat…yeah, I think resurrection and tighter XP rewards requires greater asskicking.

And, this time, Syncletica will ask her guildies to guide her through the entire Necropolis chain. As a Light Monk, you’d think this was a no-brainer.

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