And lo, a Holy Artifact was Crafted

After hundreds of adventurers in Smuggler’s Rest (wish they) were struck blind by a very public…coupling by a minotaur and hobgoblin, I needed to make a holy artifact to apply to MY EYES. That, and send any of my characters over to the Twelve’s Psychologists for a Forget-That-Happened balm.

Well, the artifact came just in time in the form of Lynncletica’s first Holy Bursted Radiant Ring. It took the sting off that sighting.

To aid in my therapy, I joined a few Tyrs Paladium guildies for a Epic run through “Bargain of Blood.” We had a few deaths (a little too much aggro in places) but we made it through. Lynn’s new ring (combined with a Greater Bold Trinket and Thaarak Wraps) made at least 12 numbers appear over the pitiful heads of our enemies on critical hits. Didn’t hurt to have a Seeker +8 effect between my Crystal Cove pirate hat and the Bold Trinket, either.

Now to get the guildies to run Epic “The Tide Turns” for a chance at Jidz-Tet’ka epic crafting items.


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