The Frost Giant and You

"Well, isn't going to work here."

Lynncletica (my heavy-duty Light Monk) has developed a new hobby: The quicker dispatch of Frost Giants.

You’ll find these hulking things throughout a couple of places in the Reaver’s Refuge adventures.

Frost Giants are much like other giants. Slow in attack. They knock you down. What differs them from others is their ridiculous durability. They have probably 1,000-3,000 HP on Normal or wilderness environments. Since they are being controlled by a really ticked off giant lich, they typically have Deathblock. Did I mention the knockdown part?

One thing to note in reading is that Frost Giants don’t have is a lot of Dexterity. That reminded me of an old tactic that worked great for players before auto-crit was removed from the game. The use of stat-draiing weapons still work, but they will no longer allow you to get super-massive damage on a helpless foe–just higher damage.

So Lynncletica found three pairs of handwraps to test out in the Valley:  A pair of +5 Flaming Burst Handwraps of Bone Breaking, a pair of +5 Maladroit Handwraps of Maiming, and a pair of +1 Force Handwraps of Improved Destruction.

The Taste Test

“We’ve secretly replaced the standard handwraps that Lynncletica uses with pairs that should leave a giant butt-naked in seconds.

Let’s see what happens.”

The first pair, the +5 Flaming Burst of Bone Breaking, were obviously enjoyable. Frost Giants are very vulnerable to fire, so an Earth Stance Monk with frequent critical hits per strike really pissed the giants off. They fell reasonably fast, but I couldn’t note if that seemed any faster than the other Flaming Burst wraps of Pure Good I’d had used earlier. That is, the “bone breaking” part of the wraps didn’t seem to slow the giants down.

The second pair of Maladroits seemed nice in damage. Again, however, the Dexterity-draining effect seemed ineffective. I kept thinking I was missing something.

And then I tried the pair of Force Wraps of Improved Destruction. Hmm. Now these handwraps were surprisingly handy. For those playing at home, the Destruction/Improved Destruction effect tears away (without opportunity to save) up to -8 of the foe’s AC and -8% fortification. Things did show a marked but very modest improvement in takedown speed. I couldn’t quantify it as well as I wanted, however, the giants did not like me.

Some pointers against these guys:

  • Frost Giants try to knock you down often. A high Balance skill keeps you on your feet so you’re only knocked back.
  • Kill it with fire. Damage-over-Time spells may be particularly nice. (Having Monks, I tend to Kill It with Friar.)
  • Giants as a race have very high Fortitude. You might get a Stunning Blow/Fist to hand, but don’t depend on it.
  • Don’t forget the clerics. They often throw Blade Barriers and try death spells on you. Always shoot the medic first.
  • Fight in a stable place. You’ll hate yourself if the giant knocks you off a cliff and into the middle of next week, all because you decided to fight on the ice bridge.

All of this Frost Giant hate comes from one quest: “Prey on the Hunter.” The beasties spawn often, in mobs, and are your main focus to kill, quickly, before they kill Aussircaex, who is so ungrateful for your aid in stopping the mobs of giants that are bludgeoning her that she still treats you, the rescuers, as an enemy, making area-of-effect spells problematic since they’ll hurt the dragon as well as the giants.

I tried this on Casual, recently. I was able to progress well enough, accompanied by my new Onyx Panther, Klin the Level 20 Cleric and his summoned Herzou. The maze took me longer to solve (don’t use Empty Body/Shadow Walk here; the speed is negated by difficulty in seeing where the hell you’re going). I made it to the dragon and decided to head straight to the giant red-named boss. Whoops. Apparently I dragged the dragon with me because my hirelings dutifully attacked everybody, dragon included. In a second, the dragon fell.

Back to the drawing board.

Would it kill the developers to create an event where you craft Flaming Burst on stuff?

Oh, yeah. That’s Cannith Crafting. My bad.

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  1. Micki
    May 09, 2012 @ 10:21:17

    🙂 nice post. Your posts are always fun to read. Made me giggle. 😀

  2. Evennote
    May 09, 2012 @ 18:22:59

    “We’ve secretly replaced the standard handwraps that Lynncletica uses with pairs that should leave a giant butt-naked in seconds.

    Let’s see what happens.”


    Nice post! As my main is a light monk, always good to read about what works better than something else, particularly when backed up so well with evidence. Acanthia has a set of Flaming Burst wraps I keep JUST for Prey, but I’m going to have to give her Improved Destruction wraps a shot and see how that goes.

    Hmmm… would LOVE to find Force Burst of Imp. Destruction wraps and use them with a Fire-Fire-Fire finisher.

  3. redcastle73a
    May 09, 2012 @ 20:22:55

    Frost Giants huh. Time to get frosty. I recently got Keava up to level 19 and ventured out to Reavers Refuge and found the frost giants to be troublesome, at least initially. It was during a frost giant engagement that a friend linked some +10 stunning wraps and “do you want them?”. lol yes. I dispatched the giant (eventually) and claimed my gift from the mailbox and equipped them. And out I went again and well, they giants were “stunned” to see me. With my Stunning Fist DC now at 42, all but the named gave into my desired to dazzle them.

    Not sure what you DC is for stunning fist, but the low 40’s seem to work wonders. If you’d like to see something funny, equip the Frozen Tunic. Nothing quite so ironic as a frost giant stuck in an ice prison. =^.^=

  4. Spencerian
    May 10, 2012 @ 07:47:15


    Tried those Imp Destruction wraps again against the giants. They DEFINITELY took down the giants faster than the Flaming Burst wraps. The only problem is the continuous knockbacks I get when surrounded by eight of them to keep my attacks sustained. Still, they don’t hurt me (much) so I just kept the b-slaps going until they were down. 🙂 I am *so* scouring the vendors and AH for more of these things.


    With the giant’s high Fortitude, I found stunning less effective, initially. Honestly I hadn’t tried my Stunning +10s out because the frickin’ giants have so much HP and I just wanted them down, fast, rather than give them the relative damage from those wraps (Holy Bursted ToD ring aside). Yet, stunning is exactly what’s needed for the end-fight of Prey on the Hunter to slow the attacks against the dragon. If you’re having high success there with stunning, my DC would be very similar, so I’ll revisit that!

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  8. Mercure
    May 29, 2014 @ 15:05:48

    This is a bit late for relevance, but I figured what the hell? Also, I haven’t run RR in ages so my recollection might be faulty. 🙂

    That said, I believe the frost giants have a version of the old epic ward, which in addition to giving them deathblock also gives them resistance (or immunity) to stat damage. That could explain why the mal/bone-break wraps didn’t have any obvious benefit.

    For the knockbacks, the Frost Giants should have been affected by the recent change that lets you resist knockbacks if you actively block. This is admittedly of little use is surrounded by a party of 8, but against a few you should be able to time the blocks to keep position while maintaining a decent rate of attack.

    • teachersyn
      May 29, 2014 @ 15:30:27

      Since WordPress is awesome at noting any comments to any article, it’s never late to reply!

      DDO Wiki’s article on the various varieties don’t seem to indicate any special properties they have. I figure back then that they’re just freakin’ giants with immense Fortitude. That said, like most players, I don’t block as often as I should, but then, knockback rarely knocked down Lynncletica as she had a decent Balance then and now.

      I think that the old Maldroit/Bone Breaking wraps did have limits on some enemies, and those damn giants might have been that kind, although I haven’t a way to verify it.

      Search for Prey on the Hunter in the search field on the blog, where I had a lot more success much later with Quintessica, my Mystic, since she could bring Teh HEAT to the giants and had better staff-based DPS than Lynn’s fists back in the day. Also, my star-thrower, Szyncletica, owned the place with the highest DPS of all my characters.

      I still love this place as it’s a complete pain in the ass challenge that makes you feel great in beating it.

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