The Book of Syncletica: My Monk Guide is now Public

Some time ago I wrote down a script to what I had planned to be an video-based strategy/build guide to the Monk class.

I only got as far as making the full script, which was a guide in and of itself. I shared a link to it from Google Docs to my guild alone for a time until, somehow, it leaked out into Google itself.

Many guildies (and a few non-guildies) appreciated that they had something to go on for the fundementals and to polish up their end-game. The guide doesn’t contain any startling revelations for those of you who play them happily now. It’s designed for players who have been interested in the Monk class, tried and gave up, or are brand-new to it.

So, with Google Docs being a poor place to host the guide, as well as the formatting limits for illustrations and links, I made a Google web site that can permanently host it and allow me to make updates as required.

The first version of the Book of Syncletica (the name plays on Scriptural naming; Syncletica is my first Monk and main) is now up and ready at You’ll also find the link at the top of this blog in the Links tab.

I spent a while retooling everything, but have yet to make substantial updates for the Epic Levels section when it comes to gear and a better breakdown on Grandmaster of Flowers epic destiny. (My family just completed a massive move to a new home and so I have been very busy and very, very tired.)

“The Old Master” segments you’ll find there allow me to break out of teaching mode and keep the L33t players that think they know everything about the game from hosing themselves by creating Monks that have worthless or near-worthless abilities because the player built them using non-Monk techniques.

Over time, the guide will have greater illustrations and detail as time allows. I linked to DDO Wiki heavily as (1) I edit there a lot and much of what I say already exists there and (2) DDO Wiki will update quickly with changes and corrections in case my guide information is not accurate as it could be.

Do enjoy, pass the link on to others you know if they need a hand.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Silken-Akira
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 11:19:46

    like it , still reading it.
    started as a second character to play and gave up.
    since I want to start on a character now that is only for playing in groups (solo/and a few guild plays till now) I am very much considering monk again. So thanks

  2. Micki
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 15:42:33

    Very nice. I’m gonna TR my dark monk into a light monk some time in the next few months, hopefully, and I’ll have a better look at ur guide before then 🙂

  3. BossOfEarth
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 16:36:07

    Excellent! I bought monk, but I’ve been too intimidated to try it on my main. Monk seems like an entirely different game. Motion us an entirely different game and yeah, too much different-ness for a part time single character player!

  4. LrdSlvrhnd
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 01:46:33

    GREAT guide so far! A few thoughts:

    1) You (or rather, your master) says that Vet Status 2 is L8… it’s L7.

    2) You might want to mention that Devotion affects healing ki (not the curse, but the finisher) – actually, I believe all the finishers are affected by their respective schools, but I’m not sure, and my monk is currently a barb so I can’t quickly double check.

    3) Dwarven Tactics affect stuns (including Kukan-Do). My monk noticed a HUGE difference when I took a couple tiers of that. When MotU came out, I ran around the forest with another monk, and my stuns (DC of 2 higher than my friend’s, because of DT) were landing a lot more often.

    4) Dragonmark enhancements do nothing for the defenders – it’s a racial summoning line.

    5) You make it sound like the Rise of the Phoenix line is a must-have for Shintao; it’s actually quite optional (Personally, I prefer Improved Recovery III to all those); you may want to change the wording to make it more clear.

    6) Visor of the Flesh-Render provides a 7-minute DW, not 8. There’s also Epic Dusk Heart, which provides a 15-minute Mass DW clicky (dunno if you didn’t know about it, or didn’t include it because it’s under the Disciple section, but I figure the Cannith Boots are mentioned…)

  5. Spencerian
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 06:43:26

    Thanks, Slvr. If you are who I think you are, being a DDO Wiki admin (with all those facts swimming in your head) has it’s advantages. I was an active admin on the Battlestar Wiki for many years and could pick good nits, too. Thanks for the notes–I’ll update it. 🙂

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