She’s Like the Wind


Syncletica, my main gal, my Grandmaster of Wind Light Monk, just returned to Level 20, hopefully a little smarter from results infused from gameplay from my other Light Monks, Lynncletica (Earth Grandmaster) and Quintessica (Avatar).

I know now that moving swiftly is not always the best thing. Were I able to pit Syn against Lynn and Quin in a player-versus-player fight, Syn would come out more bloodier than her students if she weren’t careful.

Yet Syncletica is careful. Her speed can kill light- or medium-weight enemies faster than the others in some cases, provided she watches her particular gear setup. She’s blessed with a full Shintao Monk set (Shintao Cord and Kyosho’s Ring) and the ring is unlocked with Holy Burst. She owns an Oremi’s Necklace that helps in ki regeneration during attacking. She owns a Greater Bold Trinket for stacking Seeker and more electrical damage.

It’s doublestriking that makes Wind stance attractive, for you have a chance to strike more often on a target per attack. Don’t confuse with Two Weapon Fighting, where you have up to an 80% chance to strike something else in addition to your normal attack (but is still very welcome).

So now, Syncletica can doublestrike 10% of the time. There is a way to increase this chance, but it’s not easy.

You can get a brief 5% surge in doublestriking by wearing the Fabricator’s Bracers, a hard-to-find item from “Blown to Bits,” thanks to its ‘Cannith Combat Infusion’. It’s like the Madstone Effect without the nasty side-effects.

Cannith raids provide ingredients for Alchemical Handwraps that, through a couple of upgrades, give you Doublestrike 6% on top of your natural ability.

Next, there’s Running With Wind, a tier available in the most excellent Grandmaster of Flowers epic destiny. Take all three ranks in this ability and your natural doublestrike goes from 10% to 13%.

And finally, crosstraining in a Shadowdancer tier 3 epic ability can add an additional permanent 3% to doublestrike (if you can add it to your Grandmaster of Flowers as a Twist of Fate later).

So, a minimum doublestrike chance of 13/18% to 18%/22% with all kinds of back-breaking grinding, gnashing of teeth and lamentations from fellow players that grind with you?

Okay. Count me in.

UPDATE: Coyopa noted (as I feared) that Shadowdancer’s doublestrike is an innate ability and thus unable to be used as a GMoF Twist. However, if one were to train GMoF to full, then train Shadowdancer to tier 3 and then take Running With Wind as a Twist while using that ED,–then you’d get persistent 16% doublestrike. Heaven help foes if I can get Antipode, probably an easier set of wraps to attain, which also give Doublestrike 6% for a persistent total of 22%, the highest it seems you can get as a pure Monk, bursting to 27% with Cannith Combat Infusion.

Syn would be a dervish in Wind in this configuration, and I’ve set her to go on this path. (She did score her Fabricator’s Bracers a day or so ago, so she has occasional 5% doublestrike for a 15% burst from time to time. It’s fun. Next: Grave Wrappings!)

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  1. Coyopa
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 14:41:44

    Sorry, but Innate Abilities from epic destinies cannot be twisted. So, that’s 3% doublestrike you’ll have to find somewhere else.

  2. Spencerian
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 15:03:54

    Was doing a little reading, and I thought that, too, Coyopa, but couldn’t find my source that innates were not part of twists. Good–saves me from Shadowdancer grinding. 🙂

  3. Coyopa
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 15:37:56

    Yea, the epic destiny interface in-game tells you that you can’t twist Innates. However, this still doesn’t save you from grinding Shadowdancer. You’ll want Sense Weakness from Fury of the Wild. This will cost you 10 Fate Points just for that. Legendary Tactics from Legendary Dreadnought will be another 2 Fate Points and boosts your Stunning Fist DC by +6. I also twisted Brace for Impact from Unyielding Sentinel, which was another 3 Fate Points. I’d say Brace for Impact is mostly optional, but another 40% fortification is always nice.

  4. Spencerian
    Oct 23, 2012 @ 08:06:23

    Indeed! Something to read up on. I think, also, that one could run through Shadowdancer for the innate ability and then Twist the Running with Wind for that 6%. The idea of time necessary to get 10 Fate points!? My mind reels. I don’t think I’ll live long enough to do it. 🙂

  5. Coyopa
    Oct 23, 2012 @ 08:52:08

    Yes, you could twist in Running with Wind. However, I think having Grandmaster as your primary destiny will be of greater benefit than Shadowdancer as your primary destiny would be.

    Also, 10 fate points is easier to get than you think it is. Just getting GMoF, Shadowdancer, and Legendary Dreadnought to level 4 (in order to open up access to the other spheres) will get you 4 fate points. If you take 3 levels in all the other destinies, that’s another 7 fate points. You can do this just by running epic quests for tokens to TR. If you then TR, when you get back to 20 you can continue working on your epic destinies from the point you left off.

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