Doublestrike Power!


My main, my own, my precious, Syncletica, is a Grandmaster of Wind. Despite the downsides of this (less CON), she kills many foes rapidly and can heal herself just as fast.

Ryncletica, my dark Monk, ran most of the Battle for Eveningstar quests last night with my fellow guildies when my guild leader (and recent Monk convert) got something interesting as a quest reward.

They were “Doublestrike 6% Gloves of Something-Or-Other.”

Needless to say, my ears burned. I’d never heard of this prefix before.

You may remember that I have been trying to increase Syn’s doublestrike ability. She’s currently sitting pretty at a sustained 16% doublestrike in Wind Stance, thanks to Grandmaster of Wind, some help from Epic Destiny abilities, and with the Way of the Sun Soul set that occasionally blasts it up with a 6% Morale bonus to 22%. I was resigned to that maximum because getting the Antipode handwraps seemed a far, far dream.

And then these babies show up.

If this stacks with other doublestrike percentages as the Fabricator’s Ingenuity and Way of Sun Soul’s “Form of the Evening Sun” effects do, wearing such gloves will generate a sustained 22% doublestrike chance with Way of Sun Soul effects adding another 6% temporarily for 28% chance for 10 seconds at a time.

I like those odds. It does have a trade-off. I can’t wear my heal-amplifying Purple Dragon Gauntlets simultaneously with these.

Ryncletica was in a very giving mood last night. Not only did she alert Syn to the existence of doublestrike gloves, but also scored a bound-to-account +3 to +4 Upgrade Strength tome. We know just the Little Mountain Earth Stancer that needs that book.

UPDATE: This old thread on a nice guy that was trying to map out doublestrike stacking effects before they were available within your Character sheet notes, sadly, that Doublestrike gloves (and rings, available too) don’t stack with Way of Sun Soul doublestrike effects. Sad Syncletica is sad.


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  1. BlueSilence
    Dec 21, 2012 @ 21:44:12

    Ou… It would have been great if they stacked. Who knows, maybe there will be better double-strike options in the future. Keep having fun!

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