Quests You Think You Can’t Sneak Through

Been having a ball with my ninja Ryncletica (as noted recently) by using her crazy-awesome stealth abilities to complete some of the harder quests that encourage stealth, like “Spies in the House,” “Claw of Vulkoor” and “Blockade Buster.”

I touched on my desire to use stealth through as many quests as I can in the entire game. With my desire to get her Shadowdancer powers working quickly, I’m doing more of the Epic versions of some quests for experience.

Three quests caught my eye, and I found time to complete two of them.

Epic Normal “Haywire Foundry” (L21).

This place is loaded with Warforged mobs who are more than ready to slay you. If the mobs don’t find you, the many trapped areas will target you.

For some quests, I’ll summon Luna, an epic Favored Soul hireling, and park her at the quest start, using her only in the most extreme emergencies (which, thankfully, I haven’t had to do). For Epic “Haywire,” however, I knew that one specific trap would be the biggest obstacle. Rather than the healbot, I summoned an epic Rogue for later use.

Entering, I kicked on Water Walking and Abundant Step over the lava to bypass the annoying elementals that greet you as you enter the cave. Inside the complex, RC2 went down easily to smiters. Now came the real test with mobs I had to eliminate since I had to use the Speaking Stone there to open the paths ahead. Turned out that they weren’t too harsh with my usual Concealment, Incorporeality and Dodge going.

Removing two more guards opened the way to the trapped spiral ramp to switch #1. I brought in the Rogue. He was able to evade the traps as he walked up to disable the boxes, so I’m sure I would have done the same–I just liked the Ingenious Debilitation bonus since I still had the super-trap on switch #2 for later. I parked him at the top of the ramp, then ordered him to quietly unlock the door to more mobs and switch #1. Dutifully, the Rogue did so and ran back to his parking spot without attracting attention. My turn.

Mobs were grouped up enough initially to easily bypass. I didn’t open the gate to the shrine; I wouldn’t need it if I did things right, and I would attract the mob’s attention if I did. The only challenge in this room were 3 guards in front of the stairs up to the walkway to the switch. Taking a cue from “Claw of Vulkoor,” I threw a shuriken at a nearby wall. The guards sprinted at the sound to investigate, moving out of the stair path. I had to Step fast past a mage that was too close to sneak by without him spotting me, even stealthed and invisible.

With Switch #1 done, boxes began to explode around me, with more berserk Warforged. Didn’t matter to me. I left the area, just as undetected as before. One down, two switches to go.

After the Rogue removed the newly activated trap at the ramp top, I headed back downstairs, summoned the Rogue again to remove the trap from the first of two trap pits. The Rogue got the attention of two guards, which wasn’t a problem.

The path to switch #2 was more challenging. Two sets of mobs, filled with high-Spot archers and dangerous Wizards that will fill you full of magic-missile-sized holes. I was able to evade the first mob, passed over the second trap pit and over its pipes, but the second patrol was a bit too dense.

On my first run through this quest, I eventually had to fight this group since opening the door would make me visible. But I’ve been taking more cues from all the martial arts movies, other classes, and even Batman, always-prepared, master of theatricality and subterfuge. For run 2, I used a Solid Fog clicky while stealthed, right next to the door in the switch #2 room. The Fog hid me! I opened the door, leaving that patrol unaware.

Switch #2 was like the first in terms of ignoring the mob, bu there was one challenge. To get to the upper level where switch #2 resides, you need to jump up to a set of crates, avoid the attention of a mage guarding the ramp up to him, and then jump up and over to pipes that lead to the second switch.

Well, I’m a level 2 Shadowdancer now. Time to try out a new ability. Shadow Training II allows full movement and jump for 30 seconds while you are stealthed. This was an awesome ability! Still in Sneak mode, I’m up on the crates. I assassinate the guard with Quivering Palm, go back to stealth and jump up, hauling it over the pipes to the upper walkway. I took a moment to try to find the Bloodrage Symbiont in the little container before dispatching the three guards on the final steps to switch #2.

Anyone that’s done “Haywire” before, on any difficulty, knows that this trap is a killer, even for evasives. I called in the Rogue to disable the two boxes there, pulled the switch, re-parked the Rogue, and left the area. Two down, one to go.

In the final circular hallway to the puzzle room and the golems sit a formidable group of iron defenders. This was probably the toughest part because they hit hard as a group and smiting them seemed harder. After letting the dogs out, I got greedy and brought in the Rogue for the two traps inside the hidden shrine room, but after a Wholeness of Body recharge of HP, had no need to shrine.

I left the Rogue to keep the ooze’s attention while completing the puzzle to get the key. The golems are rarely too problematic if you can attract and dispatch the three adamantine defenders first. Makes me consider making Metalline Handwraps of full Vampirism for stubborn constructs that can’t be smited, someday.

Switch #3 awaited me, after a chest to loot. I perma-parked the Rogue (“Dude! You’re on your own!”), hit the switch and took off. It took me only 2 minutes to make it to Haywire as I switched on Stealth Training II again, moving at full speed, invisible and stealthy, leaving the mobs of iron defender packs alone along the way.

Haywire opens the door and welcomes me. Total time: About 25 minutes. About 32,000 XP for my trouble, along with an Epic and regular chest.

Now it was time for something more challenging.

Epic Normal “Jungles of Khyber”  (Level 22)

Yes, I know I’m insane.

Ignored the trolls via stealth in the mini-quest leading to the entrance, save the soothsayers that had to die to open the quest up.

This time, I had Luna the epic FvS hireling ready and parked. Epic beholders in this area are nothing to sneeze at. I had no self-delusions on having to fight a bit more on this quest.

Sneaking success varied. One or two doors activated patrols and forced a fight, but most did not. The few traps were little to worry about with my evasion and saves. Most of the Drow were simply unable to see me.

The only thing I worried about, first, were the beholders in the large cave. The normal ones took their shots at me with negative levels. I returned these in kind with my Grave Wrappings and stunned them back to Xoriat. The boss beholder took a bit more convincing. After a soothing Greater Restoration from Luna, I found the three runes to open the path forward.

I took a moment to kill off the optional mage and his golem pal on the hard-to-jump-to upper cavern for a quick chest before the Fight that Everyone Remembers Here, ahead and below. Three mobs come to greet you over the waterfall. I had to bring in Luna to aid me here, with my Grandmaster of Flowers abilities disabled that would give more offensive abilities.

With the main mobs gone, it was time for the three red-names. I tried to get only the fighter’s attention, but in waltzed the beholder. Fine. I b*slapped him with everything I had with only a few negative levels to show for it. The two others dropped just as fast.

It was time for the Marut. Out came my pair of Anarchic handwraps. (I should have used my Unstable Handwraps but I wasn’t thinking.)

Just in case, I added a distracting Xoriat plaything using my Shard of Xoriat and my Onyx Panther. Surprisingly, that Marut was too easy to kill. He stunned me once but my saves were too high for his usual beatdowns to be as effective.

“You gained 44,000 XP.” Devious Bonus as well.

Yeah, I’m crazy.

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  1. ComicRelief
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 12:42:31

    You say that (“crazy”) as if it were a *bad* thing…

  2. Finch_Bloomwhiffler
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 13:05:51

    Nice post! VoN3 is one of my faves for sneaking whenever soloing it. Sneaking up on beholders as a caster as well as pulling the red-names individually is really helpful on epic, as well as when doing a bravery bonus run.

  3. geoffhanna
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 13:51:49

    Nicely done 🙂

  4. Spencerian
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 15:19:09

    Next on the Insane Ninja quest run: Epic Normal “Chains of Flame.” Was working on that Saturday before the G-server’s usual 3:00 PM crash and mass-kick. The doors have gnolls on guard. It’s as if the devs filled the place with them. I guess that’s what Solid Fog, Acid Fog and Stinking Cloud clickys are for. *Cue Batman music*

    I guess there’s nothing crazy about more XP.

  5. Micki
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 03:28:17

    🙂 Nice, but I’m at a slight meh. I wanna see eE. eNorm should be beneath u. eNorm and eHard are easier than the old epics, and shouldn’t really pose a challenge for a well built toon.

  6. Spencerian
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 09:16:26

    Micki: Your wish is my command. I’ll let you know the results of trying Epic Elite “Claw” sometime. 🙂

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