This is War, Cassie

I’ll admit that my life affects how I play my characters. I am not a typically aggressive sort.

In fact, were not for a couple of details, I could have lived a more contemplative life as a deacon in the Catholic Church. I guess I could consider, in my latter years to come, a life as an oblate with a religious order.

Syncletica is a real name of a real abbess of a monastic order in the 3rd Century. As a Catholic myself, I don’t believe that aggression is the first step in resolving issues. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy the Monk class with its syncretic blending of contemplative pseudo-Eastern philosophies, some based on fiction and others fact, to give life to the class.

That said, the world of Ebberon, like our own, is not entirely peaceful. As such, my Syncletica is a warrior abbess and cannot promote training in her dojo that doesn’t ultimately aid in the defense of X’endrik, including the elimination of enemies.

ninja peekI made the decision, as of reaching level 10 last night on Cassietetica, to make her a Rogue Assassin, rather than a Mechanic as planned.

Comments from my posts on Cassie gave me most of my motivation. She needs to be able to fight as well as she can hide and remove traps. Further, a Mechanic gains proficiency with repeating crossbows but this also uncenters a Monk using one. Assassinate will work unarmed or with ki weapons (shortswords or kamas).

Despite some objectives in a few quests where you can talk yourself out of a fight, pacifism as a whole is not the way of DDO.

Been leveling up Cassie heavily over the last few days. Now is the time to add her last two Monk levels to reach level 6 and get the Ninja Spy skills for invisibility/incorporeality, a few numbers for stealth, and shortsword proficiency. Got a lot left to play in reaching level 12:  “Gwylan’s Stand,” “Tear of Dhakaan,” “Redwillow’s Ruins,” the House Deneith chain, Sorrowdusk chain and perhaps the Necropolis and Threnal adventures that should get me to this point. From there, she gets all Rogue levels.

To make Assassinate work best, Cassie’s INT is a priority since it uses that modifier and level 14 will be as high as she goes for the Rogue level modifier. I need a boost there to add Combat Expertise and Whirlwind Attack to help her overall fighting in crunch times.

In most cases, she’ll still avoid attacking. Her stealth numbers should be quite good. But when something gets in her way, she should be quite capable of removing it and keep herself in stealth–something Ryncletica cannot do.

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  1. Kavatch2.0
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 17:21:07

    I like the posts that have questionable content that can be mulled and mattered over by myself and others. This series of events stuff where you state facts that no one can really disagree with (and therefore cannot be dicussed) jus aint cuttin it for my compulsion to discuss the less seen and more interesting sides of Monkdom. Actually I would very much like to see the build you envision for Cass so I can try it for myself and possibly give mah two cents. I also feel that there should be more people commenting on your stuff, such a waste of good insights.

  2. Kavatch2.0
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 17:21:59

    On your part, mebby less so on ours.

    • teachersyn
      Jun 15, 2013 @ 23:35:52

      I’m glad that you like the blog enough to bother reading since there’s plenty of other things to do. That said, I did spike two posts you made because they were simply rambling thoughts where it seemed you wanted to post something–anything–even if it had no meaning beyond it. I’m cool with any comments that aren’t spam or rambling, as long as your comments don’t talk for the sake of talking.

      I’m kinda weird on posting builds in specific detail. More on this here. To update ya, My half-elf Cassie just reached level 12, and is both a Rogue Assassin and Ninja Spy. She’ll ultimately be 14 Rogue, 6 Monk and have incredibly powerful sneak attacks and Assassinate. But unlike my pure Rogue, she should be able to outgun more and need to outrun more.

      Your posts don’t automatically appear because your internet address keeps changing, it seems, which requires me to moderate for anti-spamming.

      • Kavatch2
        Jun 17, 2013 @ 10:07:41

        Fair nuff I’ll keep my posts relevant to the blog, you party pooper you.

        • Kavatch2
          Jun 17, 2013 @ 10:15:25

          Ok so I just finished the second half of your reply and it seems like you will be very sneaky, but I don’t know if rogue SA stacks with the SA from ninja spy pre. Then again I may be thinking of the half elf rogue dilly being non stacking with rogue lvls.

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  5. Jim
    Jun 30, 2014 @ 15:13:45

    I know this is a necro comment. But I just started reading this blog from the oldest posts. I was wondering if your assassinate is effective as you get higher levels. I have a pure assassin that maxes INT and it sometimes fails. That is the only reason I have not made an assassin/ninja yet.

    • teachersyn
      Jun 30, 2014 @ 15:54:53

      Hey. I never got that far. Cassie isn’t one of my success stories. While her fighting prowess was good, her trapping and assassin skills were lukewarm, and she became a bank toon. I’m looking forward to trying this build again, but this time, fewer Monk levels. As for Assassinate, it was a Fortitude save (DC 10 + Rogue Level + Int Modifier). So any multiclassing would instantly gimp that ability. I should’ve saw that and realized a true Assassin can be ninja-like but never even a half-ninja. You need those true Rogue levels.

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