Not-So-Off-Topic: Rusty and Co.

"Eat post?"

“Eat post?”

A few weeks ago, a little bored while waiting for some work at work, I started to browse through one of my web pleasures: TV Tropes.

As I was pursuing something D&D related that I’ve long forgotten, a stray link kidnapped me as always, pointing me towards a webcomic called Rusty and Co.

If you play DDO or D&D, this is a must-read with only one downside.

Rusty and Co. is (mostly) the story of three adventurers. What makes them different is that they are themselves monsters that jumped sides to work as Good or Neutral mercenaries.

There’s Rusty, an adorable little rust monster with a simple vocabulary to resolve many plot issues. (“Eat sword?”)

There’s Mimic. He’s a Mimic. He shapeshifts, finds work for the trio and is the most (only) competent spokesman. Good Diplomacy skills, for a box.

Lastly, there’s Cube. He’s a gelatinous cube, the team’s muscle, the very silent type and a complete badass.

None of them have hands. That might make an adventure hard to start when you can’t open the door to it. But that doesn’t slow them down.

Over the course of their adventures, they find human and humanoid allies. All of them have their appeal.

There’s the Princess. She is a powerhouse unarmed fighter that is anything but a damsel in distress and is barely Lawful Neutral. Sound familiar?

We have Madeline, the Paladin. Cute, severely brave, a bit of a ditz (low WIS), and relentless. Has the most awesome fighting style and smites evil with mere gardening tools (you’ll have to read to figure out why).

There’s Roxanne, an elven Bard with incredible cunning. Can weaponize sticks of wood but not in the way you think.

We also have Prestige, a young wizard and a bit of a detective. She gets involved in the Mob–run by a bunch of illitids.

And there’s Stabs, a halfling Rogue that totally lives up to their reputation.

Through the trio’s adventures, you are assaulted with incredible bits of D&D and fantasy lore, puns from the hells, other monsters and tons and tons of laughter, not to mention wonderfully drawn panels by the web artist, Mike R.

To give you a sample, I present this panel. Here, our paladin and cube are fighting an elder god that stopped by Reality for a cup of coffee, maybe, while threatening to destroy all life as we know it…

Madeline the Paladin + a Ninja Gelatinous Cube = Sheer Badassery.

Madeline the Paladin + a Ninja Gelatinous Cube = Sheer Badassery.

The downside to the laughter and drama and D&D kitsch? It’s a weekly webcomic.

So start from the beginning from the Archives, read it slowly and digest it well.

By the time you’ve caught up, you’ll be dying from anticipation. And don’t forget reading the comments below each panel–they’re just as funny as the comic.

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  1. FuzzyDuck81
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 10:44:11

    Looks like a good one 🙂 Will add it to the morning webcomic checking rota of OOTS, Erfworld, Weregeek, XKCD, Goblins, Questionable Content & whichever other ones i remember about periodically.

  2. John B.
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 11:39:53

    My favorite D&D-esque comic right now is clearly Looking For Group.

    • John B.
      Oct 22, 2013 @ 11:41:38

      Blasted keyboard. In any case, you can find it on the link below. It updates twice a week, and even has a few videos out on it (as there is / was a movie based on one of the characters).

      • teachersyn
        Oct 22, 2013 @ 11:50:53

        Got it! I was re-reading Rusty for the fourth time but still enjoying it. Some freshness will tide me over.

      • teachersyn
        Oct 22, 2013 @ 14:27:49

        OK, enjoying Richard in “LFG,” which is hauntingly unlike me (Lawful Blogger). He is SO for the evulz, but he is very good in doing it. I still give a point to Rusty since it’s more D&D and LFG is a bit more generic and non-game related (a few in-jokes notwithstanding).

        • John B.
          Oct 22, 2013 @ 14:58:55

          Richard’s my favorite. ❤ And he is good at it. Most of the D&D references are just, well, references. In any case, it's still D&D-esque, as are most games anyway, in at least some fashion.

          The comic is up to about page 715, and I'm fairly certain that he's their most popular character. He's starting to get a bit of depth as it goes on, however.

        • John B.
          Oct 22, 2013 @ 15:11:05

          For what it’s worth, here’s a couple videos as well. There is a bit of blood, however. So to those not into that, you’ve had a warning. 😛

          ^ This one takes place before the events in the comic, to give an idea of what Richard was like prior to meeting up with the rest of the group. I prefer this one.

          ^ A duet with Cale? Fun stuff, but I prefer the other one more.

  3. teachersyn
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 13:51:31

    In case you didn’t refresh recently, my blog’s avatar just changed to that of the Princess. Seemed apropos. 🙂

  4. geoffhanna
    Oct 23, 2013 @ 10:41:00

    Thank you for this. Now we need to get that guy writing faster

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