Monastic Mabar Meditations

No giant skeletons this year. That would have caused (even more) lag.

No giant skeletons this year. That would have caused (even more) lag.

With the Mabar Festival here once more for an extended stay through November 11, let’s recap what well-enlightened Monks should discern for work in their vocation.

  • Wraps of Endless Light: A very popular set of handwraps that are very, very good at undead destruction. These, as are all Mabar gear, are bound to character. But they aren’t exclusive. You can easily make two or three versions of these for improved damage as you progress in levels. If you have time to farm for only one pair, get the Level 12s, which seem to work quite well even with an Epic character.
  • Cloak of Night: While this item might be overshadowed by improved gear found in Gianthold and the High Road, this item provides one of the harder miss-chance effects to get, anywhere (short of training as a Ninja Spy) in Heroic mode for a Monk: Ghostly. While 10% incorporeal doesn’t sound like much, remember that this works in combination with Dodge and Concealment to offer a chance to avoid damage altogether. The Deathblock effect is also welcome with level 16 or higher items, as is the Dodge bonus.
  • Gloomy Potions of Death Ward: For just 25 Motes of Night (about the average return of a Cursed Fingerbone), you can stock up on these for all your characters. They last 10 minutes and are quite unbound. I would tend to use the recharging Visor of the Flesh Renders and its 8 minute buff (often my characters carry at least 1 pair), but these potions help in emergencies and special occasions.
  • Ruby of the Vampire Slayer: I think this is the must-have for all unarmed Monks this year. For two Signets (a special token given to you with your Spectral Dragonscale on killing the Mabar dragon), you can receive this gem, which adds 1d4 Light damage and gives your weapon the Alchemical Silver property. It’s a Minimum Level 1 gem that’s absolutely perfect for use in the Devotion handwraps to convert them (or anything with Good alignment) into powerful Harry/Vampire Beaters from the moment you socket it. They’re unbound as well, so use one character to get them for your low-level characters.
  • Ruby of Ghostbane: I like the simple combined undead bane/ghost touch effect you find on dropped items, however weak the overall item’s damage might be. This ruby can change that, especially if you can find a good disruptor weapon with a red augment slot.
  • Festival Solar weapon enchanting: Like the Icy Burst formulas in the Risia Ice Games, you can add the rare Light damage property to an non-crafted, non-named item. Unlike the Risia Festival, getting this damage property takes only one kill of the dragon to get the Signet you need–no grinding for the right formulas. Light damaging weapon is extremely rare to the point where it almost doesn’t exist (again–anyone seen any Coruscating weapons lately?). Add it to your Harry Beaters or apply it to Force weapons for better Whisperdoom Beaters (her only full weakness is Light).
  • +5 Ability Tome (1 per character): Do I have to spell the significance of this item out for you? it takes 3 Signets to get one, which means (as Micki’s reported) that you need a really successful series of dragon fights to get what you require.

While you prepare your dojo for war against the respawning dead, please remember to enjoy a quest or raid or two during this time. There’s plenty of things to find and do outside of Mabar, The Plane of Lag. New players would appreciate it.

UPDATE: I cursed Mabar (as if it didn’t do that enough to us). Due to clear performance issues, Mabar will disappear several days earlier, after this Friday AM on November 1.


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  1. ddomicki
    Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:15:39

    🙂 I made the wraps lvl 12 and 20 for my monk last year, and cloaks for the monk and my sorc (who’s since then TR’d). I’ve since then TR’d my pure monk into a barbarian, so I donno if I’m gonna make the lvl 24 wraps for a future life. Feels a bit pointless. But the lvl 20 wraps were def my favorite undead killers at epic levels, light bringer is awesome.

  2. Nostravar
    Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:35:55

    First off, this is my first monk, an your site has been VERY helpful. Much thx. I’m curious about your statement regarding the lvl 12 wraps. I compared them to a ML 12 +1 handwraps of Disruption and think they are not worth having a pair.
    +1, Paragon weapon +.5 weighted
    4-24 damage to undead on hit
    1000 on vorpal.

    So why would I use ML 12 mabar wraps?
    2-12 damage to undead on hit
    1-6 light damage on hit, +1-10 on crit
    1000 on vorpal
    I realize that on vamps the light damage is doubled. (and I recall seeing some other undead get doubled damage as well, but not all of them)

    Don’t they come out to about the same?
    I’m typing this as I’m about to update my ML 12’s. 🙂

    • teachersyn
      Oct 28, 2013 @ 12:16:47

      In general, the Wraps of Endless Light are great undead beaters when you haven’t something better. Looks like you might have found some that are better than at-level WEL. Look then to the Epic versions that add much greater Light and bane damage, since I’m not aware of anything in Epicland that compares to the WEL, even in loot drops. It’s that Brillance effects that throw a Light Bomb that makes them special there.

  3. Kavatch2.3
    Oct 28, 2013 @ 13:18:03

    Ok Nostravar first off its only 100 extra dmg on vorps but an instakill for any undead mob under 1k hp. Dealing on average 12 disruption damage per hit plus the +3 dmg from a paragon die mod and +1 from enhancement bonus. This gives us 320 weapon dmg plus 100 from a vorpal over 20 hits. with the WoEL you get 6+2 average dmg from undead bane +4 enhancement bonus +3 light dmg and assuming you have imp crit bludgeoning +10 light dmg on 19-20 crit. So over 20 hits you would get 300 +10 from light burst and 100 from lightbringer. I personally like the WoEL because it gives more static damage and less variable damage in the form of increased enhancement +4 and bane dmg +2. So yeah 10 dmg difference.

  4. Kavatch2.3
    Oct 28, 2013 @ 13:23:01

    Also use the WoEL on vampires over ANYTHING else you have, they just dont compare when you get 200 point vorps.

    • Nostravar
      Oct 29, 2013 @ 01:28:18

      Thx much for detailed response. LOL, an yeah, I had a brain fart there with the vopral hits.

    • Kavatch2.4
      Oct 30, 2013 @ 14:25:57

      I made a mistake actually, 1d3 dmg from the .5 paragon mod only makes a +1.5 average not the +3 I said.

  5. erdrique
    Oct 29, 2013 @ 11:38:00

    Yeah I still need to work on a few things, I did pick up one of the +5 Tomes on one of lower level characters who will be looking forward to using it. I still need to upgrade my handwraps, hopefully I will be able to do that before the event expires this year…

    • teachersyn
      Oct 29, 2013 @ 12:42:58

      Good luck with that! I’ve hit lag walls every time I’ve entered. I’ve given up on the items and will just stock up on Death Ward potions as if the world’s coming to an end. The “last Mabar ever” rumors are picking up steam, and I’m going to believe them for now.

  6. Mernom
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 02:02:56

    What about solar weps? Named only?

    • teachersyn
      Oct 31, 2013 @ 08:47:30

      I think I understand your question but correct me if not. You can buy up the Oil of Incandescence to add Light damage to any weapon for a time. But the Festival Solar formula works only on randomly generated items, not named or crafted stuff.

  7. Kavatch2.3
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 09:35:48

    It works on pre u14 crafted stuff

    • teachersyn
      Oct 31, 2013 @ 11:13:37

      Would be hard to tell the difference between that and other crafted items, don’t you think? Would be a pretty expensive fail–something I’ve read leaves you without the effect and with a loss of signets.

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