Game Events: Asking for Trouble or Triumph?

Not long ago I stumbled on an article regarding a remarkable event in “World of Warcraft”  in September 2005.

Well, really, it wasn’t a planned world event, but their worlds were apparently quite shaken by it.

The backstory goes like this. A new raid was added to WoW at that time. The end boss of the raid had a special infectious attack called “Corrupted Blood,” which is similar to debuffing and disease spells or effects in DDO that damage your CON and lower your hit points. The closest counterpart is the dreaded “Mummy Rot.,” only, imagine a version of this that would hit your whole party if someone infected was close enough to you.

This boss debuff was meant only for the raid. But somehow, a handful of players managed to leave the raid with the effect still within their character. These players intentionally walked through public areas such as towns, spreading the infection. As this was a raid level infection that hit for several hundred or more points of damage and was persistent, many low-level characters were struck dead instantly.

Watch the video above. Imagine that’s the Marketplace. You’re just shopping when your HP meter drops nearly to zero, and others around you drop dead. Many, many players are just dropping. You got to get away, but from what?

The WoW servers, predictably, went chaotic. Interestingly, people behaved as people would behave in real life. Clerical characters began to aid others. Many ran for their virtual lives, into the virtual countryside and out of the plague-ridden towns. Many died. A few more  tried to use their infection to spread it to others.

Eventually the WoW developers managed to isolate and scrub the disease from all characters and summoned pets that players purposely infected so as to continue the assault. But by then the damage was done. Not enough to cause WoW to close up shop, but enough to bring a cautionary tale to the virtual world.

The Corrupted Blood incident became quite popular in the scientific community. These epidemiologists studied the sociology of the players, comparing it to what people do in actual pandemics. Not to be outdone, the anti-terrorism community also turned an eye to the incident as a model for how terrorists become opportunists, causing the most harm to the most people in the most time possible.

Despite the fact that this was an exploit, it did something that’s missing in DDO. It caused a human reaction that required you to act, now.

Are Game Events a Thing of the Past?

I’ve never played WoW and don’t plan to do so. That’s because it took years of Neverwinter Nights gameplay to shake me from years of my Diablo II “crack habit,” so I knew that any other Blizzard game (yes, that includes Diablo III) would ruin my life. (Not that DDO is as light a habit for me as my obligations would want that to be, but that’s another tale.)

I wasn’t around as well for a DDO game event of 2008, where a game module update introduced a Shavarath invasion of Stormreach, the eventual destruction of the central Marketplace, and several quests for players to gather ingredients needed to beat back the invading hordes.

Sound familiar? It’s because the events seen in the Level 6 raid, “The Chronoscope,” allows players to relive that module, specifically a more wider invasion of the Marketplace as a whole, including the original Marketplace tent’s destruction.

Today, all we seem to have for game events in a more public sphere is a passive but quite prominent and repetitive drop-in of a white dragon near the Argonessen representatives (all dragons in human form) near the House Kundarak Marketplace bank. Occasionally, some special merchants appear and contests to gather coins or other items will activate in public spaces, such as the Risia Ice Games or Festivult. However, these are quite passive in that they don’t affect everybody and are totally optional to use.

So, why isn’t there a larger, more game-encompassing event going on in DDO? Something that would effect all players and (per their level or game account) strongly encourage them, perhaps require them, to marshal their efforts to the event’s goals?

Perhaps such events are dangerous to the game’s overall stability. Perhaps world events such as these would discourage general game play and turn away the free-to-play community and upset VIP subscriptions.

It’s not as if we players or the developers couldn’t think of possible storylines. I brought up a thread in the Suggestions & Ideas subforum on a Drow war, where Eberron Drow, tired of being butt monkeys to the Faerun Drow as they attempt a move on Xen’drik itself, decide to fight back. The replies generally didn’t meet with high praise. Most people seemed burned out by the Drow, with the new Menace of the Underdark expansion.

What world events we experience today are often challenges that haven’t one bit of urgency or need at all.

Some Suggestions

With the MoTU expansion, Eberron itself is being threatened with total destruction by the Demonweb. Not that anyone who just created a new character is aware of this.

And the Quori, the race that hides within the false religion of the Path of Inspiration and are known as the Dreaming Dark, have failed to invade Xen’drik long ago and are threatening to do so again, this time without the giants of old from stopping them as before. What? You didn’t know of this invasion?

And the land of Drooam has landed a massive invasion army on the outskirts, have burned down one Stormreach district, heavily damaged Lordsmarch Plaza and planned to take over Stormreach as well. Did you miss this news while you were reading the latest posts on Feydsbook on your DRUID smart-ansible by Cannith, Inc.?

I also think there’s some evil cleric that’s raising an undead horde in the Necropolis that wants to make all of Xen’drik part of his new empire, too.

I guess my point is that there are many, many world events already in play. What is lacking in the public instances is an urgency, an appearance of desperation, of fire raining down. Of some NPCs occasionally running in fear in the Marketplace while a small group of invaders slam through the city and a world event message calls out for heroes to quickly dispatch them. Of the city sky turning red and adventurers called to be alert for a Shavarath invasion–right now. Low-level players are guided to protect NPCs at their level and fight off appropriately low-level Shavarath invaders that sneak past the more fortified Epic adventurers.

And none of these events should be telegraphed or announced by Turbine. They should just show up.

These events could be tied into the quests they relate to in-game. They could form a motivation to play by leading the players to the new Sagas NPCs. I haven’t gotten into completing any of the sagas because nothing is compelling me to do so. Not loot, or experience, or even a requirement to save myself or others from harm.

The world of DDO should have a more “live” feel to it. There are limits to how much a live event can and should do, and careful attention is required to keep low level players from getting way, way over their heads and for high-level players from becoming virtual gods by giving them a serious challenge that requires more cooperation and team play. Live events should have a compulsory hold on players without fully requiring them to do them. They shouldn’t be isolated as Mabar or Crystal Cove.

World events could also be done with great subtlety and intrigue. I would love to just log in one day to find mail message that tells me to go to an NPC that wants you and others to do this and that, unlocking a chain of events that (amidst all the other work to do) requires me to save Stormreach and to guide others to do so or to safety.

C’mon. Do you think a week where a zombie plague threatens all of Stormreach wouldn’t put a spring in your step as you run to stock up on potions? In such an event there’s a chance of griefing if a live player were infected, so it would be better for NPCs to be running about doing the deed. That is, a zombiefied NPC version of you. You get infected, your character is logged out and you must log in to another character (or specially granted character given to all players) to do a specific quest to remove the affliction (with substantial rewards, of course). Players that don’t opt to play can watch the spectacle but aren’t infected.

A horde of Quori pouring out of House Cannith would make all that ghostbane weaponry useful.

The WoW Corrupted Blood event was a totally unplanned event that shook that game at its roots by its urgency. What if that Argonessen dragon suddenly started stomping down a ramp into the Bazaar? Would you call out to some guildies to try to head it off? What would or should the lower level players do? What if some evil Drow genius had weaponized Mummy Rot and was infecting the public instances? Would a world event ask others to seek out the cure? How would this Rot effect overall play? Should it?

I’m all for bringing the immediacy of adventure to DDO. It needn’t be as “oh crap” as the WoW plague. But something out of left field that all could enjoy wouldn’t be a bad thing if you just tie it in to existing adventures.

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  1. Anwen Rhonwen
    Dec 11, 2013 @ 21:25:00

    I completely and wholeheartedly agree. i use to love the Mabar and Crystal Cove events, but now they just seem “meh” to me wen they come on. I would love to suddenly log on and find out that the devils of Shavarath are invading he marketplace (or the twelve) again.

    Or that the drow of Ebberon were going to fight the fearun drow in an epic war, or a weaponized version of mummy rot, or, or, or…

    My point is that i think it would be a good way to liven up the game, perhaps get some new people to play or bring some of the old ones who quit back.

    Excellent idea,
    Anwen Rhonwen

    • teachersyn
      Dec 12, 2013 @ 08:47:06

      Thanks for your comment. Some players hate change, strangely enough. Their gameplay prefers the predictable so their finely tuned characters don’t meet the unplanned. Screw that! I challenge that the best players adapt well to change.

  2. John B.
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 01:24:48

    They could even use these to help sell off certain packs too, I suppose. An event in which you help Deneith fend off the Blood Tide. Send them in waves throughout the enclave with occasional cannon fire (perhaps fireball spells?), or something.

    Make it really crazy and have this affect NPCs. Can’t use the cleric at the bar because they’re too busy tending to the wounded. Recovery at taverns is disabled because their rooms are full. Ditto with the town recovery. Vendor supplies are limited (or nothing because they died due to a wave invading other enclaves) to make sure everyone can get what they need.

    I want this game to have a war, throughout all of the enclaves. Stormreach under siege. Let’s have a little something more terrible than a fallen rest shrine.

    • teachersyn
      Dec 12, 2013 @ 08:45:10

      Agreed! The war effects needn’t be all invasive nor actually hurt anything. But the appearance something BIG going on and certain services interrupted (with encouragement by NPCs to do this or that to bring things back to normal) isn’t out of the realm of impossibility. Let’s see House Deneith’s ballistas in action when we go there, against a major Blood Tide airship invasion! Let players use a ballista to take potshots at the Crimson Moon. Zombie invasion in House Jorasco? Shavarath portal pouring out some devils near the Twelve enclave? There’s plenty of ideas.

      • John B.
        Dec 16, 2013 @ 20:25:03


        It’d also be nice to have a use for certain skills outside of quests and adventure areas.

  3. grimorde
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 05:10:12

    Excellent ideas. I wish I could *like* this post more than once!

  4. geoffhanna
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 07:52:37

    The lag during the devil attack was unplayable. Totally. Also, player ninjas sucked. And did I mention the lag? Really really dreadful. I didn’t actually see the original market explode, although I was staring at it. I didn’t see anything.


    • teachersyn
      Dec 12, 2013 @ 08:39:01

      I was hoping you or someone else was about during that time for one of DDO’s few true world events. Obviously things played out. But, overall, did the game lag everywhere or just while in the Marketplace? Did the devs have instances to help spread out the crazy (not that instances work that well, even today)? Player ninjas?

  5. FuzzyDuck81
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 08:50:51

    Was that article located here by any chance? 🙂 It includes info on the one Turbine themselves had in Asheron’s Call & I wouldn’t be surprised if that was something of a cautionary tale for them…

    • teachersyn
      Dec 12, 2013 @ 09:29:38

      Oh, that A.Call event. Wow. At least Turbine had a great sense of humor about that one. I haven’t seen this article in a while. I might have been reminded of the WoW event in the earlier article but cannot read it at present.

  6. Kavatch2.5
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 12:43:14

    I’d really like an invasion system like in dark souls where a player can invade a party mid quest and kill me for Xperia and loot crates.

    • teachersyn
      Dec 12, 2013 @ 13:22:38

      That’s something that won’t happen, I feel. One singular feature of DDO is the inability to player-kill as a feature. I’m glad it’s not here, or I’d never play the game. And anything that’s going to attack you suddenly mid-quest is going to be part of the quest. I can’t imagine it otherwise since quests are built with specific objectives. If something random enters in, it could break the quest.

  7. Kavatch2.5
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 12:50:00

    I hate spellcheck so much right now

  8. Kavatch2.5
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 12:50:30

    Wtf is Xperia

  9. BasCB (@Logist_BCB)
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 06:54:21

    I like this idea. Something like that is what I imagined the Sagas could become. Something that grabs the players (an NPC, the notice board, the town crier, or indeed an in game mail) and pulls them into the action NOW. Doing away with carefully and minutely planned TR XP runs, Comment of Valor runs, Favor runs and whatever we players come up with to make the game a routine.

    • John B.
      Dec 16, 2013 @ 20:23:26

      The thing is, people would find a way to grind it out, regardless of how fast paced they made it.

  10. kavatch2.0
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 22:52:30

    mmo’s are all about self pacing people will choose to speed/grind run things regardless of any changes made to systems or player interactions, but there will also be people who play for the experience of the gameplay and not just as a way to an end stat. For those people I would really like ddo to create some kind of randomization in quests that involves player conflict. The invasion idea was perhaps a bit foolish seeing as how a manyshotting ranger could clean up a party quick, but I see mmos as far too repetative these days and I wish ddo could fix balancing issues, make capstones good, nerf epic mob saves, implement a new and interesting player vs player system that would’nt be immediately dominated by any one class and while we’re at this wishing shit I want unaging immortality.

    Ef it I want something other than ddo Imma go sleep and dream of a beautifuly unholy combination of dungeon defenders, ddo and dark souls .

  11. kavatch2.0
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 22:56:19

    Also John if its fast paced of course people will grind it if it gives rewards equal to their current goals be it loot, xp or…stuff

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