Kiri and The Kobold’s New Ringleader

With one character newly created and built to run as many quests as she can without any party/hireling assistance, I began completing several Harbor quests.

One that I thought would require me to be resourceful to meet my stealth challenge goals is “The Kobold’s New Ringleader.” In this quest (and with many to come where slaying is often a requirement), complete stealth is impossible. Rather, I switch to an infiltration mode.

In infiltration, you may have to actively kill but only enough enemies to proceed to the goal. If you can evade fighting, you should do so. Often, however, there are just too many enemies about that will detect you.

Infiltration will be easier later as Kiri’s Hide and Move Silently skills outstrip enemy Spot levels and as her Faster Sneaking ability (with better Striding/Monk movement speed improvements in tandem) reduces her chances against a Spot check.

I’m still burdened with Windows Movie Maker as my editor. This will be the last darker video as I think I’ve gotten a grip on the brightness and gamma settings.


  • This quest is very high on breakables. In keeping with the stealth goals, few were touched.
  • To avoid fighting unnecessary sections of the quest, I leapt through the opening in the large barricade ahead of the quest start.
  • What breakables I did use, I used for diversion. Scan to time point 3:00 to see how this was done. In the new stealth AI, monsters will move to investigate any sounds where they can’t see a target. With plenty of barrels to smash, I used them not only to allow me to pull a switch inside a guarded room, but also to use the same trick to distract the kobolds on my way out. I will be using this scheme a lot as her adventures continue.
  • I would’ve done better at time point 8:15 in distracting two packs of kobolds. I moved one pack within the now-opened door to the ringleader, but I should have tried to lure down the kobolds sitting in the final hall to the ringleader’s door. If I would’ve struck a breakable while staying out of sight to the left of that hallway, towards the boss room, I could have entered the shrine on the other end, stuck a box inside, and lured the kobolds there as I sneaked out again.
  • The final fight has a small pack of kobolds and one mini-boss before the ogre boss. I did kill the boss and avoid getting the last of the runts not counted in the kill score. Still, I had to slay half of the quest’s population to complete.

Recap on Other Quests

I completed “Where There’s Smoke” at Hard difficulty. This is the “save the farm, save the dogs” quest in the Cerulean Hills. Killing is inevitable here because of the patrols and the erected barrier near the start. However, avoiding the dogs, I was able to evade many patrols to get to the farm. In trying to stay hidden, I began to discover nooks and crannies throughout this quest that I’ve never noticed before. Very insightful stuff. I hope to rediscover features such as these to use in other quests that even flower-sniffers may not notice. One thing I learned I could do was to jump over the fences of the farm main entrance and the farmhouse itself, rather than destroying the doors. I did have to kill all the orcs that spawn at the farmhouse to complete the quest as a required objective. Given the heavy mobs in this one, I was pleased to come out alive and without an Aggression bonus–my goal when Devious or better low-kill bonuses aren’t possible.

Also completed was the Waterworks chain. I did film part 1 of this quest and learned something interesting about the “Rescue Arlos” quest. You recall the multiple raised bridges that you think you need to drop to enter into the various hallways? Well, I just jumped in the water and then leapt up to one passageway. I still had to double back to kill the guards at that nexus, but without a bridge dropped there until I chose to drop it, they couldn’t leave to chase me.

The quest almost went pear-shaped as I escorted Arlos, as he found not only the last group of kobolds in the nook before the bridge, but a acid-cloud spamming mini-boss shaman. Thankfully I did buff Arlos a little as a precaution and he did survive to complete the quest.

Part 2 of Waterworks was just ugly in terms of stealth or infiltration and had to be essentially played as most would play it since respawns, oozes and close quarters with required kills prohibited a more promising run.

Also completed were “The Captives” in Cerulean Hills, successfully keeping the kill count down, and a modest success in the Baudry Cartaman series that added some experience in avoiding vigilant kobolds.

Kiricletica reached Level 6 with completing Waterworks. Now she can go invisible and incorporeal with Shadow Veil, has Two-Weapon Fighting and can use her longswords as ki weapons. Delicious.

Next time: DDO “Groundhog Day”, and encounters with pirates–a ninja’s worst enemy.


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  1. John B.
    Jan 16, 2014 @ 11:30:08

    Were you using Water Stance to lower your hide / MS so that the enemies would spot you?

    To acquire Guard Jung’s badge, it’s quite possible to simply jump over the crates, without going to the door. You might have been able to skip past those three kobolds, as well as dropped your kill count down by about 5, as some of the spiders do not spawn until the door is opened and that crate is destroyed.

    Level 12 is going to be such fun, utilizing the Abundant Step as well while bypassing monsters.

    Running through the quest in my head, something tells me that Waterworks would be quite a pain to begin with.

    What did you do to go in there still missing a third of your health?

    • teachersyn
      Jan 16, 2014 @ 12:36:58

      I don’t think I noticed a way to get to the badge without the door before. Stealth around spiders always fails, of course, and I was just outright seen by the nearby kobolds. Ocean stance doesn’t help with skills unless WIS improves it, but 18-20 for H/MS was barely enough. My HP was low after a failed attempt or so. I’m restarting often with some failures to meet the goal. A better jump while stealthed will be better than Step in some ways.

  2. erdrique
    Jan 16, 2014 @ 14:24:35

    Nice job!! Do you plan on running Proof is in the Poison? That quest might be interesting to run as well as the Tangleroot seties.

    • teachersyn
      Jan 16, 2014 @ 14:55:30

      That one will be interesting. There’s Quickfoot enemies everywhere, making stealth improbable, but if I play as an assassin would do…

  3. Mernom
    Jan 17, 2014 @ 03:54:07

    at 1st i wanted to ask you why aren’t you using your longsowrds,but i understood as i kept on reading.where did you got your proficincy from?did you take the feat?or multiclass?

    • teachersyn
      Jan 17, 2014 @ 08:48:18

      I took the feat for longsword proficiency, since it was also a requirement for Whirling Steel Strike. I’m sacrificing over time some of the Dodge bonuses but will add in Cleave and hopefully Great Cleave for more versatility and expect to go at least to Improved TWF. I want her to be a good fighter but a better stealth master.

    • John B.
      Jan 17, 2014 @ 13:33:30

      For what it’s worth, Mernom, unless you splash Fighter, you’re not going to be capable of utilizing Longswords while remaining centered until level 6.

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