Silk, Hiding Sword, Sting and Shadow

The Kunoichi...where brute strength is lacking, cunning through poisoned blades do the work. (Credit:

The Kunoichi…where brute strength is lacking, cunning and poisoned blades do the work. This is actually a close approximation of Kiricletica’s look. (Credit:

Everything I know about Ninja Spies is being fully tested with Kiricletica, the lone ninja (kuniochi).

Combat skills. Stealth limits. Assassination tactics. DefensesNinjutsu.

Just when I think this character is reaching an impasse, something works out in my plans to conquer as many quests as I can without any hirelings or single party member–and with as few kills as required.

Because of this challenge, I have to make major course corrections. One of them is working on mastering the art of poison as a central takedown tactic, particularly with the debuffing power that Ninja Poison can do.

The Lady of Venom

I have not read, in the DDO Forums or elsewhere, of anyone else that’s mastering a poisoner build. Almost all posts involve questions/complaints on how Sting of the Ninja changed (shortly after the enhancement update) to only allow it to work with ninja weaponry (shortswords, kamas and shuriken) but not martial arts or non-ninja uncentered piercing/slashing weapons (bows, unarmed attack) thwarting its use as a min-max option for archers and others.

So, I’m trying to pioneer this attack skill of punishing waves of simultaneous negative energy and poison while perfecting the stealth tactics of the latest updates.

As noted in a past post, Ninja Poison not only injects stacks of poison (up to 20) to give nasty damage over time, but each stack gives 5% vulnerability to anything that isn’t outright immune to poison, to a maximum of 100%. Weapons with untyped poison also enjoy this magnification of damage.

Combine this level of DoT damage with the still-deadly negative energy attacks of Touch of Despair and Touch of Death, and the Ninja Spy becomes a solitary fighter one should not want to meet alone in a dark dungeon. Using the Poisoned Soul ability with Touch of Despair, I can inject poison simultaneously with a negative energy curse and damage from the finisher and a Touch of Death strike.

Poison is also a great offensive weapon when enemies are immune to negative energy. Thankfully, very few enemies are immune to both poison and negative energy attacks.

The downside? It can take a bit of time to pump in poison. You can blow an immediate 1 to 4 stacks into a tight group using Poisoned Darts with a little ki every 15 seconds. Every 10 seconds you can inject 5 stacks over 30 seconds using the Poisoned Soul Ninjutsu ability, through the Touch of Despair finisher. By 40 seconds an enemy is lungs-full of poison with 20 stacks.

A stack is injected on a critical hit with the Sting of the Ninja ability active and when using piercing/slashing weapons. And finally, you can undo all your work (and a chunk of the enemy’s HP) by forcibly ripping the poison out at 1d20 to 1d50 damage per stack, using Poison Exploit.

What’s probably obvious to some is, if the enemy is powerful enough to stand up to such a prolonged beating, can the player withstand the enemy counterattacks?

I think so. That’s why Kiri is training it. Eventually, she will hit a wall with an enemy that cannot be cut down by mere swordplay, and may have far more hit points and defenses. She needs a strong offense that also minimizes damage to herself. Speedy poisoning is the key.

I’m collecting all kinds of weapons that slap untyped poisons to accelerate an attack. The Envenomed Blade (which I’ll dual-wield) will the best of the Heroic-level blades I can use at level 16. Imagine an attack where purple DoTs of 20d4, or 80-100+ damage and greater (with the vulnerability and with poison weapons in use) appear over the head of an enemy per 3 seconds, not to mention the ki attacks, weapon damage and purple negative energy damage that ninjas also use that should quickly devour a foe.

It’s then a matter of good defense to avoid or absorb the damage while at close range.

For that, the Ninja Spy is generally favorable to miss-chance effects (Dodge, Incorporeality, Concealment). Kiri is nearing 20% Dodge and always has Blur (20% conceal) and Shadow Veil (25% incorporeality) for very strong miss-chance defenses at her level. She requires more WIS and DEX for better offensive/defensive/DC results. Slated at the approaching level 14 is a White Dragonscale Robe for much-needed improvements to AC for her later counter-assaults on Lordsmarch as well as Tempest’s Spine Elite.

Lady of War: A Brain over Brawn Offense

Keras, the Drow fighter end-boss in “The Lords of Dust“, is a good example of who Kiri has to poison swiftly. On Heroic Elite this CR26 boss is quite dangerous with his Whirlwind Attack and dual-wielded swords, getting in Sneak Attack damage even if you’re quite fortified. Most parties without a squishy ranged option will choose to go “stick-and-move” on him because of the tremendous damage he can do with only a hit or two. His HP isn’t tiny, so it takes time to kill him.

For Ninja Spies, the option can be to smack him one or two times while throwing Ninja Poison to damage him as he chases you or attacks others. This places powerful poison DoTs on him and makes him more vulnerable to poisons in general so that other party attacks can be more effective. Blowing Poisoned Darts at him every 15 seconds to put 1 to 4 stacks on him should help too.

I’m adding in ranged options, too. To contrast, Szyncletica’s stars are loaded with Ninja Poison and heavily DoTs anything quite well over time with her onslaught of thrown attacks. For her, taking down Keras was easy in the past with star damage, kiting and heavy Ninja Poisoning.

The downside to Szyn’s star-throwing is she cannot use any Ninjutsu with thrown weapons, relying only on Sting of the Ninja and Venomed Blades, so poisoning was a slower process. Kiri uses stars as well, and not badly, but her attacks are less damaging and slower than a Shiradi Shuricannon. Still, from long range, she does build up some poison on a charging enemy before entering melee and dosing it much faster. Getting a Quiver of Poison for more ranged poison damage isn’t a bad idea as well.

But Kiricletica should be a better overall poisoner with the full Ninjutsu abilities, while piling on weapon damage, negative energy and elemental damage with ki strikes.

Like many other finishing moves, poison mastery requires coordination. An Earth/Dark/Earth finisher might be good here for Pain Touch, which prevent enemy spellcasting and attacks until they save from the effect while you can wail on them and set up a Ninjutsu/Touch of Despair attack.

Poisoning works for Kiri as she’s not trying to chase any enemy around the dungeon and attract too much attention. If she can throw a few potent DoTs on an enemy and break off, letting them die slowly while she escapes and hides. This would be especially true against bosses that are a required target while their minion guards aren’t.

The end fight of “Frame Work” fits this bill. With other characters I have been able to lure up the chieftain boss, the only required kill,  to the upper platforms of the end-fight area, smacking him around while his minions hold back for a time, wondering what’s going on. Imagine getting enough poison stacks on him to where you just walk away after a bit as he eventually just succumbs to the poison. One Flash Bang to hold off your escape from his guards, perhaps also to loot, and you’re done for the day with some green tea awaiting you in the dojo.

Lady Of Blinding Darkness

I’ve been quickly adding more lesser-used ninja tactics to aid in the inevitable mob fights, or to prevent some.

You already know I enjoy pulling individuals with a well-thrown star. Provided it doesn’t create a zone bug (where the quest presumes you’ll fight a boss in a specific location) this works well.

I also use stars to break objects so their sound lures other enemies to that sound, while I sneak forward to do my business. When there aren’t crates or jars to break, I’ve resorted to using enemies themselves to generate noise. This is tricky, since a jar won’t come charging to kill you. But if it can be done at long range, the enemy reacts and others react to him without an immediate charge. But with that farther range, you have to traverse a greater distance to make it to your objective before enemy attention returns to your path.

I’m switching up a lot when the mobs become too huge. I completed “Slavers of the Shrieking Mines” and “Bring Me The Head of Ghola-Fan!” recently. Midway through “Ghola-Fan”, I reached the spiral staircase and floated down the center to a soundless entry where Taskmaster Tar-Lom breaks in his newly-trained troops, declaring you as the training dummy.

I hit the leader with a poison dose and ran away. I kept my attention on the boss as best I could, hitting him with more poison. He fell before his own students did.

But the mob numbered ten or more. A swing-by-swing fight, even with Vampiric Fury Shortswords, proved to become a losing battle with the angered students, even with Blur and Incorporeality going.

I started spitting Poisoned Darts at them, whirling away to heal up after stunning and blinding the mob with a Flash Bang. The poison weakened the mobs as well as the shortsword’s CON leaching from disease.

Two or three rounds of this and the fight was done. If I had to, I could have used that Flash Bang to escape outright since blindness is effectively an invisibility guard. I would just go into Sneak and use an Abundant Step to move away to a safe spot so they wouldn’t hear where I moved to and chase me.

Flash Bangs are awesome. They offer something I think other players don’t realize. Like Stunning Fist, this stuns an enemy for 6 seconds. Unlike Stunning Fist, it also blinds, is an area-of-effect attack and works with wielded weapons. It’s slower to use with a 30 second cooldown, yes, but it still offers a useful stun effect for weapon users, where Stunning Fist cannot be applied.

I’m going to max out Flash Bang to ensure for better tactical options when the going gets too tough. Again, that’s more need to pump up WIS for a better DC for it to succeed. I’ve found it’s a cool way to escape rooms where you’ve had to pull a lever or switch and enemies detect you. After I pull the lever, I get the room’s occupants to group up before throwing a Bang at them. It’s like a Batman-esque smoke bomb. Blinded and sometimes stunned, by the time they can see again and begin searching in vain to find me, I’m long gone. I used that trick in one room in “Faithfully Departed” very recently.

You might be asking what I’m ultimately sacrificing with the planned use of all the poison attacks and special ninja skills. The answer is Sneak Attack. I have 1 of the 4 tiers trained up, but that’s it (and I’ll likely reallocate those points). For Kiri, she’d only get one (weak) punch as a Sneak Attack, so these points are wasted while in solo play. Kiri could never generate the ultimate Sneak Attack power of a Rogue anyway. I’d rather add more DEX or WIS with those Action Points to ensure that later monastic training will be more effective, such as Quivering Palm, the assassinate-style attack at level 15.


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  1. mernom
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 01:21:59

    Ever though of teaming up with a stealth rogue assasian? Could be interesting.

    • teachersyn
      Feb 13, 2014 @ 08:19:00

      Yes. As a build, that was Cassietetica, originally. But I unbalanced her badly with too many Monk levels and not enough Rogue levels to keep her Rogue skills viable. I plan to revisit this soon. For Kiri, of course, she has to play on her own as the goal. But if I had to bring in somebody.

  2. Daniel
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 07:54:39

    I’m trying to use poison, I really am. But stunning is a hard habit to break and has the ancillary benefit of charging up EiN quickly. Add to that a set of crafted holy silver vampiric (full vampiric, 3-6 healing per hit at my current amp) and I really need a good reason to drag out the swords like a proper ninja. But I’m trying, and when I line up a low-damage boss with plenty of hit points (and no poison immunity) it’s a pleasure to watch the red bar melt away.

    Syn I believe Flash Bang delivers a daze rather than a stun – had a quick test tonight and it definitely seems to be the case. You may not be noticing so much since you’re doing a proper Batman and disappearing; the difference is that daze is broken by attacks and doesn’t deliver a 1.5x damage benefit. Still perfect for your purpose but not so hot for someone who follows it up with a cleave, for example.

    • teachersyn
      Feb 13, 2014 @ 08:17:22

      Good point. Perhaps I’m getting a better result as I use Unbalancing Strike chained with a Fists of Darkness as a finisher to generate Freezing the Lifeblood–a paralyzing move that REALLY stops things cold for a minute. Being what I am, I switch up things a lot. Good clarification. I expect to work in more damage from those moments of helpless with No Mercy. It’s a poorer approximation of our fabled stunning, but the results while armed aren’t bad at all.

      Being only a Heroic level character, things might change a little as I move into Epic.

    • Kavatch3.0
      Feb 15, 2014 @ 10:49:54

      If your having trouble giving up the amazing benefits of hand wraps to slap away at bosses with shortswords to stack up poison then may I suggest just swapping to a shuriken to build poison. Then just go back to the kick assery of hand wraps when the numbers take on a purplish hue.

      • teachersyn
        Feb 15, 2014 @ 11:51:48

        Handwraps aren’t that amazing against bludgeon and stun-resistant enemies as red-names often are. That’s the joy of Ninja Poison. I’ve put 100+ DoTs on things like Hesstess the medusa and just walked away while their life drained. Shurikens work but much more slowly and only on a critical. Direct application 2x means 80-100 DoTs right away. That’s not counting the negative energy vulnerability where then then slam a Touch of Death in their face. The poison dissipates if you don’t apply it well.

  3. FuzzyDuck81
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 10:36:47

    I’ve found flashbang to still be decently reliable in most EN/EH content & its great for a getaway, repositioning, or just as a cheap & dirty bit of crowd control – in a group i’ll often charge in on my ninja & grab aggro (Ki Shout helps), relying on her various layers of protection to avoid being hit then use flashbang on the group to freeze them in place a couple of moments for a team-member to smack them with a nice AoE – i know, i’m the least subtle ninja ever 😀

    • teachersyn
      Feb 13, 2014 @ 13:25:50

      You’re making me chuckle as I remember the TV tropes of “McNinja” and especially “Highly Visible Ninja.” Being alone, attention is the last thing I want, sure. I just try to buck the chatter on the forums. Everything to them seems to be about damage, damage, damage. Subtlety is clearly a pastime only for the older player, it seems.

      • FuzzyDuck81
        Feb 13, 2014 @ 14:37:34

        Well that particular character is a ninja with some stealth & invisbility, displacement, ability to heal & who wields 2 swords made entirely of light.. she’s really more a Jedi 🙂

      • Kavatch3.0
        Feb 15, 2014 @ 10:38:26

        Subtlety is for flavor builds.

  4. Furiyen
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 19:21:48

    Have a look at Insidious Spores, a T1 Spell from Primal Avatar…… it could work out very well for you on a Monk with some Spell points equipped.

    It could work out amazingly well on a caster splashed Monk with Empower/Maximise feats.

    True Fact: My first ever AD&D character was a Wu-Jen/Ninja from Oriental Adventures (That’s a Wizard/Ninja for the lay people out there).

    • teachersyn
      Feb 16, 2014 @ 15:41:58

      I’ll take a look! Sounds like you’ve made more of the mystical monk than what others got in the Henshin version here.

      • Furiyen
        Feb 16, 2014 @ 17:51:18

        I’ve played literally dozens of different Monk builds, and done things that would deserve a straight jacket for sure in any DDO Forum thread.

        I can’t help it, my brain is wired to think laterally for synergies across classes, and build strange-but-wonderful theme builds that just …. work 🙂

        Currently I’m working on one of my favourite builds, a Monk12/Cleric 7/Fighter 1 Half-Elf. I’ll leave you to ponder the possibilities of that one.

        When you want roll a Monk/Sorcerer Henshin, look me up and I’ll share a few
        secrets 😉

        • teachersyn
          Feb 16, 2014 @ 19:59:32

          I’m still working the new combos of the new enhancements, but once I exhaust that, combos like your characters may be next on the menu. Single-classes are my preference, and perhaps its boosted by the crowd that sometimes go overboard for maximum damage over quality. A sorcerer Mystic sounds…MAGNIFICENT. 🙂

        • FuzzyDuck81
          Feb 17, 2014 @ 04:25:39

          I’ve been having a lot of fun recently with a dragonmarked halfling light shintao 18monk/2cleric – or as i like to refer to him, a cleric with deep monksplash 🙂 It’s a giggle to play healer & very low pressure too, since if you do well people are “omg wow” but if u fail its “meh, didn’t really expect you to be good at it”.

  5. erdrique
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 15:11:54

    Very unique concept, I like how you have progressed with the build and enjoy hearing about the challenges!! Excellent job!!

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