Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

mea-culpaThe Monk guide and this blog have one author. I prefer to call myself the “editor” of the guide because what I write there isn’t really my work.

Both guide and blog contain a lot of my experience, sure, but it’s also experience from other players as discussed in the DDO forums, player videos, observed gameplay, the DDO Wiki, and comments from blog posts.

But none of that assures or guarantees that anything written is completely accurate, although I strive for this.

The need for accuracy is obvious. A game is a simulation. If the variables (say, the length of the Death Ward buff from the Visor of the Flesh Render Guards) are described in error (the buff lasts 10 minutes), then you, the player, honestly reading something as a resource, will be disappointed to find that the buff is only 7 minutes.

The Monk guide has been around for about 2 years now in its present form. I had written a private guide from my guildmates over a year before that. Making the guide public meant that I needed to do one thing: swallow any pride in designing it.

If I were prideful in the guide’s usefulness or success, I would see it as a personal accomplishment. In situations like that, such things are then defended, right or wrong.

That’s not why I wrote the guide, or enter posts here.

The guide is meant to be as accurate and concise as I can make it with the limited time and resources I have at hand. If there’s any credit to be given, I accept it only as the editor of what existed out in the game world years before I showed up in most cases.

Despite my intentions, there has and will be times where I screw up information. A recent example came up through a DDO forums post where someone suggested to the devs to increase the XP bonuses for no-kill questing (Discreet, Devious and Insidious Cunning). Most responses argued against the idea (although I thought that Cunning should go from 10 to 15% but never be higher). The subject train derailed a little to how such bonuses are attained and why. I referred to my post that casually contrasted the Rogue Assassin with the Ninja Spy, where I clearly admitted a lot of bias but wanted to be as fair as I could with any data I could sort from the DDO Wiki.

That post came and went–until I reposted the link on this thread.

And not only did a couple site some glaring errors in my comparison (such as Assassins gaining vorpal with sneak attacks at level 18), one poster chose to insult my credibility and make it personal with a disrespectful response I made to another poster to a question asked in another, unrelated thread.

My “Lawful Good” nature is my actual personality. I’ll slay real trolls as quickly as the game versions. I was this close to reporting the post to the forum administrator before I remembered that this is the Easter season, where forgiveness should be greatly emphasized.

Besides, my reaction to the disrespectful comment was probably borderline as well. I barely kept my pride in check.

So what you can get from all that is this: the guide is a public document to me. It’s strength comes from lots of feedback to keep it as accurate as possible. I’m just one of the players, not a Turbine developer and certainly not a subject matter expert or uber player.

Blog entries are less studious and often discuss my reactions, observations and discoveries in gameplay.

Blog entries may also be less accurate because of the more immediate nature of writing them as I desire, rather than due to a need.

I apologize to anyone if anything written here or in guide has not generated the results expected. However, and this is important, I need your comments, criticisms, even complaints, to fix any errors you find. I primarily play one class, and so discussions about other classes might stretch my limits. Just be civil when you respond back. I write and compile all of this out of joy in the game, and I want the work to reflect back to other players to aid them.

The guide will be a poor reference without your feedback. Take the time to help correct me and you’ll have a better reference to use or even recommend to others.

A little update: I think the poster and I are burying the hatchet in that he asked me my viewpoint in a private message. I know he’s a great player but he’s genuinely amazed at my worldview. So I don’t want to make the issue seem too out of hand.

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  1. geoffhanna
    Apr 19, 2014 @ 17:54:44

    It is hard to keep your skin thick enough. I struggle with that sometimes.

    I can edit whatever I wrote that was in error, and then it will be correct. Meanwhile, the trolly poster who’s only attempt at creativity is to try and maximise the impact of his verbal attack will still be a horrible person.

    Tomorrow I will wake up and start again. The other guy? Still horrid.

    • teachersyn
      Apr 20, 2014 @ 07:26:01

      The thing that was odd (without bringing up names, which is why the thread’s link is deliberately absent) the poster is well-known and contributes often and well. Perhaps he/she was having a bad day. But as you said, tomorrow is another day.

  2. erdrique
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 13:11:55

    Well, I know that I really appreciate all of the work you have done!! I often turn my fellow guildies to your blog and monk guide for insights to the monk class. Nobody is a machine, mistakes happen and when things are pointed out they should be corrected, which you have always done. I just wish people would take the time to be respectful when they notice a discrepancy. There isn’t any need to be insulting, we have a very friendly player base environment (overall)…and should work hard to keep it that way!!

    In any case, developing a thick skin, like Goeff mentioned, is a must and to be honest it is that thought that kept from me from blogging and participating more in the forums. But I have found blogging to be extremely fun and I like reading the comments I get for the most part. But I admit, I’m still working on “toughening” up my skin.

    In any case, don’t take the insults personally bud, you do great job!!

  3. longshotist
    Apr 21, 2014 @ 20:38:12

    I honestly don’t know nearly enough rules minutae to even notice discrepancies. I’ve been reading your stuff a while now and it’s just fun to hear about your experiences and experiments with a class you love.

  4. ddomicki
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 02:25:58

    I appreciate all the work you do on your blog and the guide!
    I don’t always read your posts for lack of time, but I’m always impressed by the technical aspects, as I am rather weak in that area myself.

    P.S. My pm henshin is slowly leveling (that I planned last fall). She’s 18 now. Do you think I should take void strike on her, btw? She’s going to be 2 rogue/ 6 monk/ 12 wizard, enhancements in Thief-Acrobat (quarterstaff), henshin mystic (quarterstaff monk focus), pale master (self healing) and eldritch knight (spellsword)

    • teachersyn
      Apr 22, 2014 @ 07:07:50

      Void Strike is another solid ki strike with insta-kill, of course–but maybe not for your build. If you like to spam Quivering Palm and elemental attacks and also do finishers, it’s an option. If you’re a Dark Monk, you have a finisher that can charm with it. But I’m at a loss to know how that impacts how you play her given the class choices.

      • ddomicki
        Apr 22, 2014 @ 07:24:29

        🙂 she is a dark monk, but with only 6 levels of monk she does not have quivering palm. I mostly cleave, greater cleave, Sly Flourish (tief-acrobat), dark strike and hit elemental strikes, haven’t been focusing too much on finishers (I’m bad monk, lol). Since she is henshin focused, I am able to fit the void strike in, so I think I’m gonna try it out. 🙂 Thanks.

        • teachersyn
          Apr 22, 2014 @ 10:33:53

          That’s exactly what I do with my Mystic in terms of fighting. Lots of stick swirling with elemental strikes. Keep us updated on how it works!

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