Mystical Spell Power: Getting Fired Up

Too much spell power? Credit: Clint Cearley. (c) WoTC

Too much spell power? Credit: Clint Cearley. (c) WoTC

In tuning up Quintessica to experiment with the Fire Drake-style use of Draconic Incarnation to heavily boost spell power, I asked myself, “Self…what is the highest spell power that a Mystic can achieve?”

This chat between lobes began after a few sips of coffee and after a DDO thread search for anything regarding maximum spell power. I found a useful one. It’s based on a 18 Sorcerer/2 Favored Soul build with probably more lives than a cat. Still, it’s a useful foundation for my research.

Most Monks concern themselves with only one type of spell power: Devotion. It boosts positive energy spell power for healing. That doesn’t mean that any Monk couldn’t chug down some Alchemical potions to help with their elemental ki attacks. It’s just that they’re not likely to do so.

The Henshin Mystic is different. They also concern themselves with boosting Fire and Force spell power, for their spell ki attacks deliver damage from these two elements.

The challenge for the Mystic is that they aren’t arcane spell casters. So metamagic feats– “easy buttons” that allow spell power boosts for Wizards, Sorcerers and other arcane classes–don’t apply to the Mystic. Ki is ki, magic is magic. If you train them in, they will not change your spell power. So pure Mystics must rely on innate and item-related spell power bonuses in Heroic play but, as the Fire Drake training shows, can leverage spell power boosts in Epic play, using Draconic Incarnation and other epic destinies.

Heroic Mystic Spell Power Sources

Using the DDO Wiki sources, here’s what Quintessica’s innate spell power basically sits at by the time she reached her class tree capstone, Serenity.

  • +25 Fire (5x core abilities)
  • +25 Force (5x core abilities)
  • +25 to Fire (Serenity, Level 20)
  • +25 to Force (Serenity, Level 20)
  • +15 Universal, Implement bonus (3 spell power * +5 enhancement staff equipped)

That’s pretty basic, right? Even I can understand this.

Let’s add in a few easily-obtained item-related sources, permanent or temporary, with ML 20.

  • +90 Fire (Combustion gem in red augment slot): Equipment bonus
  • +90 Force (Impulse gem in in red augment slot): Equipment bonus
  • +20 Fire (Potion of Greater Inferno): Alchemical Bonus
  • +20 Force (Potion of Greater Impact): Alchemical Bonus

So Quintessica, level 20, bare-assed,with only a staff in hand, no buffs, two gems and a couple of potions, should have

  • + 175 Fire spell power
  • + 175 Force spell power

That’s not too bad for a non-arcane character. Quintessica also gains spell critical chances in her training, but I’m not that smart to add in their ramifications in fighting here for now.

Now lets explore how Epic Destinies play into this, adding  some special items that Quintessica might find.

Epic Mystic Spell Power

So, in Epic play, Quintessica has to deal with more powerful enemies, some with greater spell or elemental resistances. That’s fine.

Do remember that, despite all this number-crunching, that a Mystic is still a Monk, a melee fighter at its core, not a spell caster. Any additional spell power supplements, not replaces, a Mystic’s ability to cause heavy damage.

Looking over the EDs, it appears that the Mystic benefits best in overall spell power with Draconic Incarnation. Then we’ll use Twists of Fate slots of other abilities from two other destinies: Divine Crusader and Shiradi Champion. I’m not brooching the grinding time necessary to reach these abilities, only exploring what is possible.

Draconic Incarnation (active destiny)

  • Dragon Heritage (tier 3, three ranks): +30 to Fire spell power
  • Secondary Spell Ability: (tier 4, two ranks): +20 to Fire spell power

(UPDATE: Secondary Spell Ability may only allow me to increase spell power to some other element, not Fire. Thanks Mercure.)

Divine Crusader (Twisted abilities only)

  • Interrogation: (tier 1) +5 Universal (passive)
  • Flames of Purity (tier 2, three ranks): +30 Fire spell power
  • Empyrean Magic* (tier 3) +20 Fire spell power (+2 Sacred bonus to Universal spell power per fire spell cast, stacks 10 times)

Shiradi Champion (Twisted abilities only)

  • Fey Form (tier 2, three ranks): +30 Universal spell power

And that’s all I could find.

I put an asterisk on Empyrean Magic since I don’t know if a Mystic’s spell-like abilities count with this ability’s Fervor counter to boost spell power. I will not count it in the calculations below, also represented by another asterisk.

Summing It Up

To help in calculating the maximum damage, let’s make Quintessica a level 25 Epic character (20 Monk, 5 Epic) so that she can also use the strongest Alchemical potions. Quintessica can also wield a +5 Thaumaturgy fire staff, ML 25, which should allow a +15 Implement bonus and a +120 Equipment bonus to Fire spell power (we’re presuming that Quin can find this loot-generated staff). I don’t think adding augment gems matter here since that Thaumaturgy staff would have the higher stacking number versus 114 Equipment spell power of any gem. I’m not sure how the Potency effect of this staff factors in, so I’ll be conservative and not include it in my calculation.

I’m sure I’m going to screw up this calculation by double-dipping somewhere with a bonus that cannot stack. If you see an error, speak up.

  • +50 Fire (Henshin Mystic level 20, untyped)
  • +50 Force (Henshin Mystic level 20, untyped)
  • +120 Equipment (Universal, staff Equipment bonus)
  • +15 Implement bonus
  • +30 Fire spell power from Draconic Incarnation abilities
  • +5  from all twisted Divine Crusader abilities for Force damage*
  • + 35 from all twisted Divine Crusader abilities, Fire damage only*
  • +30 Universal from twisted Shiradi Champion’s Fey Form
  • + 25 Alchemical Bonus (Superior Inferno potion)
  • +25 Alchemical Bonus (Superior Impact potion)

Quintessica’s Fire spell power at level 25: 305. (Removed Secondary Spell Ability.)

That’s noticeably more than what our Fire Drake author calculated (280), although he did not presume a quarterstaff was in use. Her Force spell power would be 245.

There is enough Twist of Fate slots for the two Divine Crusader abilities and the one Shiradi Champion. Two slots would need to be upgraded to tier 2 abilities. That means I need 11 Fate points to make this happen. Ow. Realistically, I’d not likely train so hard and only unlock the first two for tier 2 only, for ‘only’ 8 points.

These spell power numbers are great for a Mystic, but I know pales to what our arcane brothers could possibly gain. In the thread I referenced, the poster was able to generate 917 spell power, spread about various elements.

These calculations don’t add in other stacking item effects that Quin could find on her journey, such as a Flawless Blue Dragonscale Robe (Draconic Fury: +15 Artifact bonus), the Planar Conflux or an Earddweller (Psionic bonuses). But it is quite illuminating to see how much damage a Monk can do with Force and Fire. It might also be possible to add cross-class skill points to the new Spellcraft skill to add a little more power if it is not absolutely restricted to specific classes.

As our Fire Drake author has reported, what spell power he generated (combined with the DI abilities) seemed more than enough to destroy things for a Shintao tanker, with only partially trained Mystic skills.

And no Sorcerer’s weapon is going to make a 500+ critical hit in melee to supplement the infernal beat-down from both staff and ki attack from such a fired-up Mystic.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mercure
    May 17, 2014 @ 01:25:50

    DI Secondary Spell power has to be a different type than your Dragon Heritage element, I believe. You can get bonuses to the Spellcraft skill from gear (Spellsight – generally on a thaumaturgy staff from what I’ve seen), and it would also be affected by anything that boosts skills, so epic level skill increases, greater heroism, exceptional intelligence skill items, etc. So, that could be another 20+ to fire and force spellpower, with buffs and equipment.

    • teachersyn
      May 17, 2014 @ 08:46:57

      I see. It’s too bad there’s not Force damage there as a secondary. I’ll look at that again; the wiki descriptions can sometimes be a bit vague.

  2. Xahtep
    May 17, 2014 @ 05:47:38

    Impressive spp, just one thing: the blue dragon set adds 15 stacking spellpower not 50.

  3. erdrique
    May 21, 2014 @ 09:43:30

    Interesting combinations indeed. I believe, if I remember correctly, the potency affect on the quarterstaff does not stack with the fire spell power on the staff. However, it should boost the spell power for your force attacks, assuming you don’t have another item an with force spell power that is higher than the potency.

    • teachersyn
      May 21, 2014 @ 12:19:07

      Yeah, the sub-bonuses to the main bonuses (“Potency” bonus to Equipment bonus stuff) screws me up. I was conservative in not adding these effects from weapons so the spell power might be more than my meager calculations.

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