Let’s See More Attack Animations!

If there were any one new cosmetic addition you could add to Dungeons & Dragons Online, what would it be?

My wish might be for more attack animations.

Attack animations shouldn’t be impossible to code in. In fact, we’ve seen a new one with a new class not long ago: the rune arm attack with the Artificer. I’m not sure if the addition of Orbs also changed how mages seem to work as well. So it’s not a matter of impossibility.

Attack animations would be purely aesthetic and not change one iota of your abilities.

So why not consider new attack animations based on a few criteria?

  • Class
  • Tree
  • Cosmetics


The Artificer looks like any other class with a sword or a crossbow without a rune arm equipped. That should be its default. Because of what a rune arm is, you can’t really have it work other ways. Same for the crossbow.

For the unarmed Monk, there should be two or three animations to choose. I liked the variations in Jade Empire based on the attack style you selected.

To make the dev’s life easier if needed, once chosen in the Character Creation tree, this unarmed attack style can’t be changed until a reincarnation. This selection might also reflect how you’d handle other weapons, too.

Druids would see options for Animal Form. Greatsword users would be happy. Longsword and bastard swords would see a variation.

All other classes should get at least two variations. It would be nice to see a piercing attack animation that would reflect the rapier for Swashbucklers to look more authentic. Quarterstaff users should also see a new version that’s less club swinging and more “Friar Tuck”-like, or true to the bo staff style.


And here’s where it should get really good. Class trees should show specific ways to hold a weapon based on whether you’ve trained a specific weapon style (Single Weapon Fighting, Two Weapon Fighting).

This could be based on the dominant number of action points spent in a tree. Let’s take the Ninja Spy in this example, just to appease me.

Ahsoka from "The Clone Wars." Reverse-grip two-handed fighting.
Ahsoka from “The Clone Wars.” Reverse-grip two-handed fighting.
(c) Disney.


They’d fight unarmed based on the Character Creation selection with one of the three weapon fighting styles. But as a Ninja Spy, they should hold weapons quite unique to their tree.

Ahsoka  with reverse-grip single weapon fighting.

Ahsoka with reverse-grip single weapon fighting.

I’d live to see the reverse grip option for Single Weapon Fighting, with a backward grip on one weapon if using Two-Weapon Fighting. As shown, one young Jedi in The Clone Wars animated series had this going on, big time.

This could be automatic based on unique tree/feats such as Monk philosophy or spell school, to pick two examples, or selectable in the Gameplay or UI options.

The sellable kick here, if Turbine wanted to do so, is that certain styles would be wholly restricted to a class. The Monk, being a Premium class that is available only as a Premium account or as a VIP, would get the “cooler” styles. Same could be true for other unlockable races or classes.


And, if you have TP, you could buy up other attacks as cosmetic additions. This would supplement what you have chosen for more diversity. Some would not work without a prerequisite, such as TWF or SWF.

This could be added for the spell casters so they’d see differences.

Or, weapons themselves could have cosmetics. If you can’t swing nicely, then at least have something that looks nice as it swings.

Problems and Benefits with the Idea

Some classes don’t lend themselves to change. I can’t imagine how archery or crossbow use can be changed up. I mentioned rune arm usage and its apparent limits.

But I want Turbine to earn the bucks needed to keep the game worlds profitable so we can keep playing. Such animations would be entirely optional, so it’s not forced down our throats. But, like the new Ninja outfit cosmetic armor (identical to the highly-popular Spider-Spun Caparison epic outfit), we’d be all happy to pay for looking good and looking cooler if it were offered, right?

And if there were lots of options, lots of TP would be exchanged. We’d be happy. The devs would be happy. Warner Games would be happy. And such changes shouldn’t break anything.

Thoughts on the idea?


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  1. Lightning
    Aug 18, 2014 @ 16:21:20

    I’ve commented before how I’d prefer this to be done as per attack style, based on feats, so I’ll leave that out.

    As for monks, however, perhaps changed to something to deal with their actual Stance used? The descriptions state what each stance does, so perhaps Sun Stance would be something like a Tiger Style, whereas Ocean might be a bit like Tai Chi.

  2. longshotist
    Aug 18, 2014 @ 22:48:28

    those are some great ideas. DDO already has the deeply customizable character thing going on, just run with it to the next level.
    for archery, something like a Deepwood Sniper crouch sort of thing would be neat.

  3. erdrique
    Aug 21, 2014 @ 08:48:05

    Seeing some new attack animations would be refreshing. I remember when they changed the attack animations for trip and sunder. I thought they were nice but many complained that it messed up their attack sequences. As long as the attack chain didn’t get screwy, seeing some new animations would be pretty interesting!!

    • teachersyn
      Aug 21, 2014 @ 08:52:17

      I’m definitely for changing them up for specific classes, even races. Monks should hold weapons differently. Weapons in the off-hand while a throwing weapon is in the main hand should be somewhere else. Fighters should look fiercer with two-handed weapons. Barbarians should seem badass even with a dart. Elven races should have a fluidity of movement.

  4. mernom
    Aug 25, 2014 @ 10:57:35

    1 more thing,weapon sheathes.i’d like to see that when your not fighting for an extanded periods of tme,your weapons gets sheathed to your back,like in teh char creation preview.could be really nice.

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  6. Alex
    Sep 06, 2014 @ 13:37:39

    Just wondering if Turbine has just limited resources.. I guess every vet thought this somewhat before. But still we don’t see different fighting styles or wielding.

    We all know it’s not that difficult (be on encoding or references), that’s why I wonder what goes on with the chairmen.


    • teachersyn
      Sep 07, 2014 @ 09:36:26

      Any game has limited resources. They do add other animations, often with a class introduction. But no game can customize to all players’ contentment. Neither do we want cosmetic changes to break the game in some way.

    • Lightning
      Sep 07, 2014 @ 11:17:50

      A large part of DDO’s focus right now seems to be on content, and slowly reworking parts of the game. Seems that part of going over the old content is in part them trying to streamline parts of the game to be more consistent with their new concepts for how DDO should run. Might just be easier to work on it a pack at a time, while also not annoying everyone with lack of new stuff to run.

  7. DDOCentral
    Sep 17, 2014 @ 19:20:51

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