Stormreach Shadows: A New Stealth Game Guide

sslogo2I recently proposed a self-imposed team challenge I dubbed as “Stealth Team Six,

The idea involves two or more players, using stealth tactics to complete their adventures for a fascinating change of pace.

But I neglected to offer much more to help people of almost any class consider this idea.

A blog post or even a gameplay suggestion could only go so far.

I’ve spoken much about stealth tactics before in many posts, here, here, here, here and here. I also had a chapter about stealth tactics in a chapter in the Monk guide.

DDO Wiki has skill information, and much discussion can be found on the DDO forums.

But much of of it is rather incoherent, sometimes dated and dry as a car mechanic’s guide in the desert sun.

The flavor, the essence of what you must do and how to proceed is missing amidst all the technical data.

There’s just not a comprehensive game guide for training and applying stealth tactics in Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Well, until now, anyway.

Introducing Stormreach Shadows

I’ve built the skeleton of Stormreach Shadows, a new DDO game guide that tries to do what The Book of Syncletica did -offer a comprehensive player resource, but this time on the fundamentals of stealth.

Unlike The Book of Syncletica, however, this guide’s mission isn’t just for Monks. It’s to aid any class in exploring and applying any stealth techniques to their build.

At the least, a little stealth for any character could make a rougher quest into a less trying one on some occasions, even if you and your party don’t go all Splinter Cell on the place.

For classes that support innate stealth abilities, we hope to hone your training to the extent where you’re so invisible that the DDO gamemasters will have a hard time finding you on their own servers.

A few years of monastic play, trying things out here and there, allowed me to find (or rediscover) innate abilities of the Monk class. Now, together, we can study all class abilities to see how a stealth team can support each other, from spells to UMD and bardic song.

As time allows, the guide will also gain something I’ve been wanting to integrate in the Monk guide: Video examples in specific quests on using stealth. I’ve made a few videos with Kiricletica already and will incorporate these while also creating a few new ones with Sukitetica (my halfling Assassin) and others.

The guide will have a small chapter noting reported or known bugs as they relate to stealth. One intrepid player has been documenting serious bugs that affect the Assassin since Update 22 came out, and we’re trying to find more that could affect other players.

We’re Going Global on This One

Now, readers know that I primarily play Monks. I have limited experience with other classes, so I cannot easily know how Fighters, Wizards, Sorcerers, Druids, Clerics and other classes could use stealth principles without compromising their class’s central roles or abilities.

That’s why I’m not alone in the editing and compilation this time around. As I said, I’ve created the skeleton, but need more help this time around in getting some meat on its bones.

I’ve initially asked forum member Saekee, a fellow ninja stealth enthusiast and frequent commenter on this blog, to aid me in the guide’s initial development, filling in data from his experience. He’s especially interested in adding suggested multiclass builds to help create improved stealth masters, especially with classes that have very limited stealth potential due to their defense design, such as Paladins.

I also welcome any other players who’d like to assist us in developing and maintaining the guide’s class-specific chapters where their game experience will be helpful in noting spells, weapons, feats and skills of that class that could be helpful in ST6-style operations that I would not inherently know with my limited experience.

Stormreach Shadows won’t go “wiki” since I do want to keep editing control, and because the web site’s mechanics limit revision changes that could cause edit wars and other issues without a controlled delegation of who edits what.

But, again, I do welcome offers from any others who would care to contribute a few hours of their time by adopting a class-specific chapter and developing it so it will be as useful and accurate as possible. The class chapters could use adoption by anyone that’s used that class in stealth. I’ll want to limit one editor per class chapter.

And even if a class chapter is already reserved, we’ll always welcome corrections, additions and comments, which I’ll take point in adding if the chapter editor isn’t fast enough.

Don’t worry if you’re not very experienced in writing. As long as you don’t write exclusively in text-speak (It’s “before,” not “B4”–speak English, not bingo) and use proper English grammar and sentence structure sufficient enough for me not to be forced to rewrite most of your page, you’ll just fill in what you know, based on each class chapter’s pre-formatted template I’ll have up for each.

In my role as the managing editor of the guide, I’ll take care of concising, linking up and correcting and tidying up any results you submit for a consistent look once you’re satisfied with your contribution. Credits for writing can be added, if desired, with your DDO Forums identity.

If you’re interested, follow the instructions on the forum thread. This blog post will be a bit circular in soliciting help since you’re likely reading via a link on the DDO Forums’s Game Guides subforum. The forum page will detail what you’ll need to access the site as an editor.


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  1. saekee
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 08:44:33

    Congratz on pulling this together!

  2. DDOCentral
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 00:49:15

    Reblogged this on DDOCentral.

  3. erdrique
    Sep 17, 2014 @ 09:52:09

    Excellent idea guys!! Stealth can absolutely be used more often and I look forward to seeing it :).

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