Hard Labor

bugs-hard-laborBack at work now and there is too much to do here to spend time catching up on matters of interest in DDO.

I wanted to note that I’ll be soon making major rewrites to The Book of Syncletica.

This overhaul will bring the guide to current update information, add at least a couple of builds and suggested starter builds, simplify language, have interconnecting links with its sister tome, Stormreach Shadows, provide video, and perhaps provide chapters on key quests that can test your Monk build as well as your play style.

But I would appreciate any suggestions from you on things you’d like to see, not just in the guide, but also in this blog.

I’ll be back to regular posts as soon as I’m able. Namaste.

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  1. Tholgrin
    Jul 07, 2015 @ 12:02:31

    Are you looking for pure monk builds, or thinking of including multi-class with monk primary? If the latter, I’d love to contribute a write-up for the “Tubbho Special” to the guide.

    P.S. ugh, work… Don’t you just hate that IRL Server sometimes? Lol

    • teachersyn
      Jul 08, 2015 @ 11:05:09

      My guide will have pure Monk builds for now to fit the guide’s mission. But they will be eventually one exception and that’s a Kensei Fighter that is naturally multiclassed. What weapon they will use is the question–and I’m leaning to daggers, which should be a ki weapon anyway.

  2. CaptainNorway
    Jul 07, 2015 @ 20:32:55

    I would love to have more spent on Shintao playstyle, enhancements, and the issues right now. Not seeing much love there from devs right now.

    • teachersyn
      Jul 08, 2015 @ 11:03:38

      I’m sure they’ll cater to several demands, such as handwraps as weapons. I don’t like that one in that they’ve finally got that code stable, and what happens to all other handwraps, crafted or otherwise? It would be better to augment the Unarmed Strike code to ramp up to level and enhancements from there. It’s a playstyle thing for me. It’s not like they are broken. But some players want Superman-like adventurers and that’s game-breaking for me. Monks can’t be Fighters or Barbarians, but they should be durable.

  3. DDOCentral
    Jul 09, 2015 @ 05:43:35

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