Happy Birthday, DDO!

It’s been pretty busy of late so posting’s been a bit slower. Got lots to write about regarding the characters, but let me take a quick moment in appreciation to Dungeons & Dragons Online on its 10th Anniversary.

I joined the game formally around August, 2010, simply because “THERE ARE MONKS IN THIS GAME!” Without playing one second, I bought the class weeks before diving in.

While I missed the game’s first 4 years, the small posts by Cordovan that mark the module/update milestones help fill in those gaps. I got into the game shortly before The Red Fens modules arrived, I believe.

Despite the recent unpleasantness on Sunday, when the login server took an unexpected coffee break for a few hours, DDO has blitzed players with simultaneous events (Risia, Festivult, Crystal Cove) before Monday, when they launched a special challenge event, naturally named “Anniversary Party.” It’s held inside the House Phiarlan ballroom (home of “Partycrashers”) but is far more decked out for the occasion.

I won’t spoil the details of the challenge except that the devs chose a kind way to commemorate not only the many NPC characters and bosses (who’ve all reconstituted themselves from the goo we’ve made of them from thrashing them over and over) but also, I’m sure, every developer and staff member that’s worked on DDO. There was one area, inside the theatre, under the stage, where I noticed one rather solemn dedication.

In any case, the Party’s is very funny (even kinky), and it hasn’t escaped me that, for their 10th year, and coincidentally after a long server crash, the devs created NPCs of themselves for us to kill, over and over again.

House P’s was laggardly as dozens of players entered, not just for the Party but the “favors”, special ingredients obtained from the party, to purchase special event gear. For a Monk, there’s only Severlin’s Leaden Boots and Fists, which might be useful for Lynncietica, my Shintao tanker (more on her in the next post).

I personally chuckled at the sight of Tolero, once part of the community reps but now bumped up to a product rep, who has a human character as the Party Favor exchange NPC–complete with her trademark blue hair.

There’s also a special token all characters receive (even new characters before the event ends) that gives them a free bound-to-character on acquire item. It could be a raid item like a Celestia, or a commonly popular item that may or may not be easy to get for some, like a Voice of the Master.

For Pynthetica and Paracleta, my archers, the choice was clear. At first I liked the no-minimum level Quiver of Alacrity, but then another item caught my eye. I’ve never, in all my years of gameplay, completed all of the Necropolis quests, nor flagged for the “Accursed Ascension” raid. So I would have never had a chance for the Quiver or the most powerful non-epic longbow I’ve ever seen–until now. Both characters now have Unwavering Ardency, a 2(1d12) Flaming Burst bow that just might encourage me to get them upgraded. Pretty, too.

But don’t go charging in with your token just yet. There may be a few special additions to the list in a few days, such as the Sword of Shadow for your fighter-types.

So much going on, all at once! Enjoy the event! DDO has had many one-time-only events like this, and you don’t want to miss out. Besides, when you’re running around with a special event item on the game’s 15th anniversary and a new player sees it, they may wonder when they’ll get to have something unique and special–like now.

Happy birthday, DDO, and may we have many more.

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  1. geoffhanna
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 08:49:07

    A couple of my characters did so much raiding that they are already set for all of these items. But only a couple; the rest are quite excited about the idea of free raid loot!

  2. Dethdukk
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 10:28:16

    Same, my main character isn’t really sure what item to take, I already have everything I want… but a few of my alts are very excited. My barbarian is looking forward to having an SOS on his first life.

  3. DDOCentral
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 23:53:58

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