You CAN Beat City Hall–The Joy of Jumping

Another fun thing about being a Monk is your long-jump ability.

While a few other classes have this now (but with limits and longer cooldowns), the Monk’s Abundant Step is ki-powered and has a short 3-second cooldown, allowing you to chain your jumps from high locations to travel much longer distances than any other class.

One of my favorites is the materialization point in the volcanic ruins of the Twelve after Bazbeau the genie transporter sends you out of Meridia. Familiar to all of us, you’re likely coming from a Vale of Twilight quest run, or the venerable Shroud raid. I run off of this slab, hitting Abundant Step and fly–

Easily “field goaling” the gate near the airship entrance and landing at the airship tower door with extra glide to spare.

Another fun one to do is during the “Tower of Despair” raid. Your team heads up the first tunnel to find a damsel calling for help, standing ahead. You fall in a pit–or you’re supposed to, unless you’re a Monk. You make a jump and watch everyone else in the raid party fall while you’re on the opposite side. I wonder if I could continue on the raid from there because a party returns here after the J&J fight, with the pit (which drops you to the Jailer and Judge) is covered by a flaming force field on the second passingby.


I learned also to climb to the highest point in the high hills around, and the tower above, the Twilight Forge raid entrance.

I can easily get Journal #7 through a series of jumps along the High Road. That’s documented in the wiki, but doing it and completing it are two different things.


I’ve explored, in depth, the hidden back garden within the fallen monastery in the Soami Gardens, near the quest, “Monastery of the Scorpion.” You can’t reach this inner area without a great jump.

In “Let Sleeping Dust Lie,” I can still reach the upper ledge to find the second journal before the first. I can also jump up into the spawning ogre tunnel to remove the ogres when defending Lycosa the spider queen.

The platforms where levers deactivate force fields needed for your party to pass some bridges in the “Vault of Night” raid are no problem for Monks.


I can stand atop the Stormreach Harbor statue and its column of light.

I can leap across the first electrical floor chasm you encounter in “Spies in the House,” to the nearest circular platform, in stealth, without alerting the archer guard there.

Getting around high ledges in the Underdark is absolutely fun.

I’m practically BASE-jumping back to the start if I leap towards there from the highest point of the Storm Horns mountains, guiding for what seems like several minutes.

So when Eveningstar was introduced, I saw my new challenge: the city hall tower, the highest intact building.


“I’m queen of the castle! I’m queen of the castle!”


I say “intact” because, after I scaled to the top of town hall, I saw my next challenge, the ruins of the Amaunator church.

(You want to know how I got to the top of the tower? That’s very sweet.)

Unfortunately, even a jump from the top of city hall  is too short for me to reach the innards of the invisible-walled church ruins. “No desecrations!” I hear the devs say in my imagination. “The Drow have burned it down. You don’t have to go pick through the embers.”

Perhaps the invisible walls are also there because the church sits at the edge of the map toward the King’s Forest.

What places have you found it fun to reach in the course of your adventures?


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  1. saekee
    Apr 19, 2016 @ 20:18:20

    that hidden back garden of Soami is where the devs need to put a special monk vendor/trainer with cosmetic gear etc!

  2. DDOCentral
    Apr 19, 2016 @ 21:17:29

    Reblogged this on DDOCentral.

  3. Lightning
    Apr 22, 2016 @ 20:54:02

    Okay, so this is only somewhat related, but it brings to mind one of my favorite parts of the Monk class, as well as one of my complaints about the game.

    I love the mobility of Monks (and Rogues, and to a marginally lesser degree in Rangers). I was ecstatic when I could just walk off the edge of the broken platforms in Raiyum’s Chamber and take no damage.

    It’d be nice if the game added some quests that rewarded high mobility skills somehow. Perhaps neutralizing Feather Fall in some parts of a quest, if not the entire area. What should be dangerous in The Pit (missing a step and breaking your bones or breaking your bones while falling into lava) ends up becoming an inconvenience instead as you glide to a safe platform. I believe you actually need a Feather Fall item in the agility test in Prove Your Worth. (I don’t think the ladders are long enough to make safely otherwise.)

    On another tangent, if I may, this reminds me of an old video. (It is not mine.)

    It would be amazing to get content that includes this sort of thing in quests. The game could really do with some more gameplay that relies on navigating the environment, rather than attacking things.

    • teachersyn
      Apr 25, 2016 @ 15:35:38

      Never seen that event before! It was before my time. I agree, however. Some quests should strongly favor the agile. DDO does add many quests and raids that need class teamwork but fewer than we like. The reason, I guess, is that small parties or solo players can’t complete them. It remains a great idea, however. Imagine a Prove Your Worth style challenge, only each room requires a class talent that can’t be emulated sufficiently but multiclassed players or other classes. Super locks or traps for the Rogue. Moving, multiple platforms to switches for a Monk (with combat). A timed zerg of enemies against a Fighter, Paladin or Barbarian: fight, survive, defend. Similar stuff for mages. Sometimes to accommodate, quests are too battle oriented, which limits its D&D potential.

  4. geoffhanna
    Apr 23, 2016 @ 08:41:51

    Abundant Step is the best.

  5. Marik Zilberman
    May 20, 2016 @ 04:53:37

    There’s one thing I can think of:
    In GH Minotaur Lair, you can climb the wall of one of the levers right before the dive part to reach the upper area allowing you to progress without doing it. However this locks out a couple of levers that prevent you from compleating the quest since you can’t take out one of the bosses (you can take out the final boss though).
    I found a way to climb back up from near the rest shrine area, allowing you to go back and finish that wayward boss, as well as opening the door to the opt boss.

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