The Best Bug Ever

So I’ve been making many, many runs into “Good Intentions” to get the Legendary Magewright’s Toolkit (+4 Quality DEX) with Pynthetica.

For those not familiar with this quest, this revisit to the Saltire District (formerly trashed and haunted by Xoriat creatures and creations in the quest “Missing”) has you searching for three ingredient items for a Gnome that (as Gnomes do) didn’t consider that if something could be done, it doesn’t mean that it should be done.

Two of the items are in relatively fixed locations. The third is a pet of Durk the Deranged, a busy man for a crazy person, who’s part of this and two other quests (“Palace of Stone”, “Durk’s Got A Secret”).

His name is Nibbles.

He’s a squirrel.

He’s adorable.

And I couldn’t find the little bugger in one of the three spots he’s supposed to be digging for nuts.

I’m searching and using the item select all over the place. Then I caught his scent, but not his presence.

Disbelieving, I stared at the canal that intersects the district.


Apparently, Nibbles has borrowed Aquaman’s superpowers.

That’s one small swim for squirrels, one giant stroke for rodent-kind.

Durk’s pet, indeed. It’s just as crazy as he is.


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  1. lrdslvrhnd
    Aug 31, 2016 @ 00:44:08

    haha, that’s awesome. I’ve heard of seahorses and seacows, but this is my first seasquirrel!

    Also, it’s “Durk” *g*

  2. DDOCentral
    Sep 01, 2016 @ 00:34:29

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  3. Marik Zilberman
    Sep 02, 2016 @ 13:57:58

    Of topic for that particular post: I decided to try and emulate your solo runs in the f2p Attack on Stormreach pre quests.

    In diplomatic Impunity, I ALMOST did a flawless run. I got 5 unnesesery kills in the jungle, a few scorpions who I triggered by mistake, and a few panters who spotted me after I broke one of the vine walls. Probably because I made a blunder while getting back into stealth.
    But during the last fight, I ended up dying. With the boss on less then 5% hp, and ticking on ninja poison. In the end, he didn’t die, and I had to reenter to finish the quest. But he was litteraly 2 hits from death.

    In Frame Works, I got my ass handed to me on a goldem platter. I got all the way to the boss room with only a few wilderness kills, but once the boss figt started i was pwned bt the collective forces of the boss, the casters, and the other red named enemies.

    If I want to get it done, I’ll need some more firepower.

    • teachersyn
      Sep 02, 2016 @ 20:17:04

      Good work! I have a few tips based on what you said. In “Diplo,” don’t walk over the bare dirt surrounding the plants. Even in Sneak, these will spawn the scorpions. The panthers are hard but not impossible to avoid but Spot helps because sometimes they’re sneaking, so you won’t know they’re close to a root wall. For all entries (doors, and root walls), don’t open them while in front; be as far to the side of them to avoid others on the other side from spotting you, and do not make even one step out of Sneak. I’ve learned that your Sneak will fail if your Hide/Move Silently scores, times 2, do not equal or are less than the CR of your enemy, and distance can help a little, or Invisibility while stealthed.

      The trick in the Diplo fight is isolating the boss’s minions. Sounds like you’re enjoying the Poison Master build or at least using a ninja. So master the Freezing the Lifeblood and Pain Touch finishers. One paralyzes gnolls and orcs and most other humanoids for up to 1 minute. The second nauseates, making enemies unable to attack by blade or spell for 1 minute. Attack these guys first and remove them with these moves to avoid killing them. Dose the boss with Ninja Poison. Once the boss is 50% down, he spawns a 2nd wave. Repeat the same trick or continue to pound the boss until dead, completing the quest, then mop up the minions.

      Not sure if your DEX isn’t high enough but a ninja with weapons generally do well, especially with Ninja Poison doses.

      Now, Frame Work requires you to think like a ninja, not a fighter. You know where and how enemies spawn. Your job is to exploit that by NOT being where the enemies spawn. So for the boss fight, you can activate the fight from the outside gate, staying in stealth by the gate as the DM dialogue continues. The gate will open but nothing will charge at you but the red-named boss and only if he spots you while in stealth.

      If he appears, then lure him away and kill him. No other kills are necessary to complete. He’s easy to take down with Ninja Poison. You can return and, using shuriken, hit and pull the two other bosses and then any other trash so you can reach the chests.

      You might not have enough points in Hide and Move Silently. Also, always wear a +10 or better item to these skills. The Accomplice (btA) and Cloak of Shadows (btC) both have this as does the heroic Ring of Shadows.

      Remember that the two finishers I mentioned work on most humanoids, including orange-named if your WIS is high enough. The senior minions in Frame Work are orange-named. But being orcs, they’re going to have a high Fortitude, so isolating each and killing them solo is the better plan.

      You likely have plenty of firepower. You just can’t fight 5 guys at once without utilizing your ninja powers. Also, you should train No Mercy. Your paralysis and nauseating finishers make enemies helpless, and No Mercy will help you kill them 30% better. Let me know your thoughts or how that works out.

      • mernom
        Sep 04, 2016 @ 05:23:35

        Where should I lore the boss? I tried to hit him from above to avoid aggroing the other bosses, but he ended up summoning the cabal seers to him, and the other bosses soon followed.
        In diplo I pretty much have it covered, only need to watch out for the Panthers near the Root walls, and keep an eye in my health. My downfall there was because I forgot to restock on healing pots. ATM I’m lvl 12, and with the AP I put aside for venomd blades and mystic passive ki regen, I don’t have enough points to reach ‘no mercy’ quite yet. I only got the poisoned darts core on my 2nd rank since I need to finish lvling my faster sneaking skill. Between that, the ninjutsu finishers (of which I only have poisoned soul), the dodge enhancements, and sneak attack, I’m really hard pressed atm.

        My ability scores are 32 WIS, and 24 DEX I think. With ship.

        • teachersyn
          Sep 04, 2016 @ 14:13:52

          He’ll leave his little fort easily. I recall, after getting the gate opened (with nothing seeing me) going to a rooftop across (a bell is there) and shooting once. This brought the boss. From there, he’ll follow you no matter what. He can summon a few others, especially annoying shaman, but often you can isolate him. The main thing is that you leave the larger guards behind. Perhaps the hard part is simply getting the gate open, which opens after the DM exchange. I would move him right of the fort and by a platform you can leap to. There’s a ballista there you can use to enter the boss area before the gate opens.

          • mernom
            Sep 18, 2016 @ 05:53:29

            I’m going to try this again soon. Now at lvl 14, I have the ship kickers boots, the bracers from the archons pack, and the lvl 16 cannith challenge outfit with its ML reduced. With my ac and saves, and a better strategy, hopefully I can make it this time. Having the entire devil’s handiwork set would help, as well as dawnbringer shuriken, but those are still WIP.

            On a side note, with the crafting pass making costume made poison shortswords is now possible! This was literally my 1st project with the new system.

            • teachersyn
              Sep 18, 2016 @ 23:34:51

              Awesome! I’ll be using that for a new character.

              • mernom
                Sep 25, 2016 @ 12:43:05

                Another thing I noticed: the state damage extra effect that you can craft for your weapon using marks of house C work for BOTH weapons. I made 2 of them, and they both trigger on each critical hit I score. Not sure if it works for 2 of the same attribute, as I use 1 for wis and 1 for con. Also,they seems to deal a 1d3 instead of 1 per tier like the description mentioned.

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