Staying Alive

As with many of my characters, I never trained Lynncletica much beyond their aligned epic destiny of Grandmaster of Flowers. That’s changed, of course.

At level 26, she’s holding her level-ups as she fills up other destinies to gain other abilities when using Twist of Fate slots.

In what areas I have leveled, I found myself tempted to take epic feats that supported Lynn’s unarmed damage. But I’ve resisted so far.

If I’m ever to tank reliably in raids such as “Temple of the Deathwyrm”, I need two other abilities: physical resistance and healing amplification.

Both of these are supported in one defensive destiny I will use for tanking: Unyielding Sentinel. That’s no surprise, I’m sure.

My PRR goal was 150, or 60% damage reduction. Looks like I’ll easily have most of this, 142 PRR minimum, by level 27 with the following:

  • Ultimate Mountain Stance (Monk stance): 15, untyped
  • Iron Skin (Shintao enhancement): 15, untyped
  • Meditation of War (Shintao enhancement), 10, Insight bonus
  • Epic Damage Reduction (Epic feat, level 27): 10, untyped
  • Improved Combat Expertise (Legendary Dreadnought, tier 2, Twisted, while in Combat Expertise stance), 20, untyped
  • Heed No Pain (Unyielding Sentinel, while in Unbreakable stance): 30, untyped
  • Ring with Sheltering +27 (Enhancement bonus)
  • Planar Prowess (Antipode handwraps and Planar Focus of Prowess): 15, untyped
  • Guardian Angel (when <50% HP): 40-60 (WIS score and saving throws to PRR for 30 seconds)

There’s still more to play with depending on Twist of Fate slots, such as the tier 4 Standing with Stone from Grandmaster of Flowers as a Twisted ability (15 untyped), the level 29 Outfit of the Celestial Guardian’s +38 Sheltering, the Legendary Boots of the Devil Commander (Quality +8; it’s Insight bonus is offset by Meditation of War) and either Scion of Limbo for a chance at +30 PRR or Scion of Earth for +20.

Beyond 150 PRR, there’s little point. I’d be better off improving miss-chance, Reflex saves (which Lynn is weakest), AC and healing amplification.

A few friends in party have been impressed at my healing amplification, and I like it, too. Nowandays it’s easy to calculate this: Just open your character sheet and hover your mouse pointer over your HP information.

At level 27, I have an absolute minimum amp of 110. That comes from

  • Human Improved Recovery (racial enhancement): 60, untyped
  • Shintao core enhancements: 50

The guild airship buff Bath House adds 20.

The remaining are situational based on selected feats, destiny, Monk stance or equipped items.

  • Epic Jidz-Tet’ka (while in Fire Stance, Insight bonus): 50
  • Iron Mitts (Competence bonus): 60
  • Vigor of Battle (Unyielding Sentinel): 20
  • Scion of Limbo (Legendary feat, random buff): 40

Through equipment and Fire Stance, 270 is my current high in Unyielding Sentinel. This isn’t an optimal configuration as it compromises my PRR and AC defense significantly, so it’s for illustration.


Then I wear an epic Shamanic Fetish for a 108 equipment bonus to positive spell power, and a 28 Heal skill that stacks on this.

I smack the training dummy with Fists of Light vampiric healing curses. Here’s the result.


And then I use the Healing Ki finisher.


Yep. I heal myself for around 425 to 525 HP per 10 seconds on Healing Ki alone and restore 5 to 10 HP while charging it up per attack over about 10 seconds.

And, like most epic players, I twist Rejuvenation Cocoon, which hits for up to 9 seconds or until healed. I had to go into the Subterrane to find a living spell to damage me to test this. Here’s that result.


So Lynncletica, even with only 200 amp, should have ample means to keep herself hale and hearty through many fights, restoring one-third to one-half her HP at any time.

But it’s slash damage that scares me most, and I must do what little I can to ward off some of that, in as much as epic monsters will allow that. By level 27 the Guardian Cloak will have to help as I haven’t discovered any other mitigation options just yet.

I hope to tank my first raid this weekend. If it happens I’ll try to record or take a few shots of it. Tanks tend to be a busy sort of group.



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  1. Eleathan
    Oct 05, 2016 @ 14:40:36

    just a little heads up about Meditation of War. It is currently a little bugged, and i have no idea when Turbine will actually fix it. it gives a +3% insight bonus to HP while in Mountain Stance plus the extra PRR that you mentioned; however, that +3% will overwrite any other percentage bonus to HP. my monk currently has +20% from an Unyielding Sentinal ability, but if i turn on Meditation of War my HP will drop because the 3% is overwriting the 20% for some reason. It doesn’t matter what order you turn them on in either. So, if you do use that ability for more HP you’ll either have to choose between 15 more PRR and roughly 100-200 less HP, or more HP and less PRR for now. :/

  2. DDOCentral
    Oct 05, 2016 @ 22:40:35

    Reblogged this on DDOCentral.

  3. Jammond
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 10:16:03

    Think it is completely awesome that you already have broken your goal for 1k+ hp this life and your only level 26.

    The self healing is already impressive, and I’m wondering how high you could push it with both end game heal amp items and dedicated positive energy. In that vein, I have to ask, is the 10 PRR from Epic Damage reduction actually worth the loss in self-healing through the healing curse you get with Blinding Speed? Obviously, if you run in a consistent group with someone able and willing to maintain haste on you, that’s a non-issue, but otherwise it is definitely something to weigh out.

    Sadly, you’re nearing (if you haven’t already reached) the point in the game where DR becomes nearly irrelevant, with its “before PRR” calculations. Non-criticals for 300-400 base damage don’t really seem to notice even a 20 pt DR when a 60% PRR reduction makes it an effective 8. (This still makes me sad). Your best solution may be to look into perma-blur items and/or displacement clicked. (Which I imagine you’ve already done)

    Here’s looking forward to the solution you find!

    Also, major props for 150ish PRR without heavy armor or shields. Very impressive.

    • teachersyn
      Oct 06, 2016 @ 13:10:46

      Thanks! I have a new post coming that tests much of this. I have an EE Jurgandal’s Collar that gives me effective Haste without using a feat, plus augment slots to play with. Come level 29 I’ll be wearing an Outfit of the Celestial Guardian, which will greatly combine protections I use from other items (like Blurry and Deathblock). For big emergencies I have a GS shuriken with about 3 minutes of Displacement, but items with Lesser Displacement (the Epic Belt of Thoughtful Rememberance) would be more effective. Highest on my list continue to be anything to boost HP (wearing the Flawless White Dragonscale Robe and Helm for a sizable bit) with Vitality and False Life augments adorning these. I’ll likely move to an Insightful Fortification helm to ensure I never tank Legendary with less than 250% fortification. It’s Champion attacks I worry most about, which sneak in many parties and butcher quickly. Trog Assassins in Legendary Shroud are fatal if you let them flank you. Rather than try to maximize defense against them, I’m realizing a better idea for me when using Lynn in the Shroud: Aggro and kite the trash, leaving the group to bash portals. The Orchard items are wonderful with a few more bits I need to review. It may be possible to see 1200-1500 HP, enough for me to ensure LH and LE. If I can withstand a direct hit from Sor’jek in L-Tempest’s Spine, I’m doing something right. Stay tuned!

      • Jammond
        Oct 06, 2016 @ 17:19:28

        I don’t know if you’re planning to grind out any of the new slavers crafted pieces, but if you are, the Hardened Hide Helmet sounds like it would be a good fit for you. Insightful fort 92 AND quality con 4 make for excellent highlights.

        With the sort of concentration score I imagine you will soon hit, intim kiting will likely work quite well in phase 1 shroud.

        What sort of Dodge do you see yourself actually hitting at cap?

        • teachersyn
          Oct 06, 2016 @ 23:36:20

          Yes, definitely studying the Slave Lords set options. That helm is exactly what I need. As for Dodge, I’m at 20% now and happy I’ve gotten that much. I should be able to wear something to reach 25% with careful planning, especially at 29 when the L-TS armor makes several other items unnecessary to wear. Unlike my ninjas, Lynn’s DR is her main thing but getting at least 20 Dodge/20 Concealment/10 Ghostly is the goal.

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