Update 33: The Promised Land

I did get Lammania up earlier in the week to explore the changes for the Monk class with Update 33. I played around with copies of my Zen Archer, Poison Master and Shintao. Things looked promising for the very brief time I was able to play there.

Now that the official release notes are up as the game is updating today, I realized I missed some little bits of information from my last post that should make most Monks in general rather happy. Listed from awesome to meh:

  • In all three trees, Elemental Ki strikes have been changed. Eagle Claw Attack now applies four stacks, and stacks to 15. Knock on the Sky reduces enemy physical damage by 4% per stack. Unbalancing Strike is now +3[w].

I use Unbalancing Strike (counted as a Water move) often with the Poison Master to quickly charge up Freezing the Lifeblood paralyzing move. Doesn’t look like Fists of Iron has changed from its +3[W] damage, +1 critical threat range, and +1 Critical Damage Multiplier.

  • The Fire finisher Breath of the Fire Dragon now scales with 2x Melee Power.

This change will certainly help in damage against Plant and ice-based enemies.

  • Each Ninjutsu ability in Ninja Spy now also grants +1 to hit and damage with weapons other than a quarterstaff or handwraps when centered.

A welcome change for my Poison Master and for the stealth-master Kiricletica. Kiri’s still around but my Zen craze has been keeping my attention. I’ll update you on her progress with these new changes and perhaps put Kiri through more solo stealth work with newer content.

  • Iron Skin now works regardless of your chosen stance.
  • Iron Skin’s third rank now grants +20 PRR when centered.

Last night I was playing with Lynncletica’s PRR just before another Deathwyrm. She generally sat around 139. Then I added in a Legendary Planar Compass, then Twisted in the Grandmaster of Flowers Standing with Stone for 15 additional and Primal Avatar’s Ephemeral Evolution for up to 15 more when attacked. As I completed that change, my Legendary feat Scion of Limbo moved to give me another 30 PRR. And then I added in the Antipode/Planar Conflux 15 PRR bonus.

I had around 177 PRR for a hot minute.The update to Iron Skin will make things more hot.

  • Grandmaster of Flowers now grants handwrap proficiency in its first Core Ability.

Might have mentioned this one, but it’s still great. Gives our non-Monks something to look forward to doing as they level up that destiny.

  • Fury Eternal and Unbridled Fury now explicitly say they work with ranged weapons.

The monkchers are vindicated.

When I used Unbridled Fury one time with Pynthetica in a “Defiler of the Just” run against the end-boss, my reaction to the immense DPS boost was not too different from Egon using his proton thrower for the first time in Ghostbusters: Complete amazement.


  • Handwraps have gained +10 Hardness and +80 Maximum Durability.

Since handwraps are weapons now, does this mean that they also become damaged from oozes and rust monsters? Let’s hope not. Handwraps should have an inherent Everbright property. We shouldn’t lose, as parties or individual Monks, a way to remove oozes through a melee fighter. Monks can’t equip Muckbane clubs without becoming uncentered, and quarterstaves are nearly worthless in the hands of anyone but a Mystic.

UPDATE: In very early play in Update 33 live, I entered “Creeping Death,” where oozes abound. My wraps are suffering tremendous damage. I’ve reported this as a bug already. This is unacceptable as I haven’t any other “weapons” to use as a Shintao and there are absolutely no “Everbright” handwraps as that would’ve been unnecessary pre-Update 33.

SECOND UPDATE: Cordovan’s response in a thread I opened reporting this states this change is working as intended. New players are going to get screwed for repair costs as oozes are plentiful in early content. Everbright handwraps haven’t dropped for ages with various loot prefix/suffix changes. And you’ll need at least 250 bound/400 unbound skill to craft Everbright handwraps. I normally roll with the punches (no pun intended) with game changes that are challenging, but this one makes so little sense I will not be surprised that fewer Monks appear.

  • Stunning Fist now specifically requires Handwraps to use.

Is this “problem” still going on? If you aren’t a Monk, you should be using Stunning Blow or, better, Shield Bash. I’ve seen one friend shield-bash about as fast as I could use Stunning Fist, and it was most impressive.

  • Planar Shards, Outsider Tokens, and Draconic Runes now properly go into bags.

Totally not specific to Monks, but yay, more storage space freed up.

  • Demon Assault no longer respawns enemies after the end chest is opened.

That’s welcome. In that quest, the reavers and renders were almost impossible to manage while you’re trying to loot, assess and trade items from the chest.

  • Six new Deity options are available for Clerics, Paladins, and Favored Souls at their first level. These are analogous to the existing Deity feats and abilities.

Again, not Monk-related. But I’m fond of this change because of my long love of the D&D based Neverwinter Nights games. There, your clerics got a lot of extra bonuses with their deity alignments. Further, if you’re going to have clerics and other divine fighters in the game, leaving out these elements seemed to make gameplay rather odd in terms of roleplay, especially since many NPCs had deity alignments.

  • Festivult Abishai Cookies work as a set again.

That explains my abortive attempt to use the five cookies with Paracleta for a stacking +4 to WIS while running a Legendary Elite Tempest’s Spine. I’ll be running lots of stuff to get more of these cookies in the future.

  • Critical Multiplier bonuses now work on Thrown weapons.

That bug keeps being fixed and broken over several updates. My old Shuricannon relies on better modifiers for higher damage, so this is welcome. However, conversations on the forums suggest this isn’t the complete fix.

  • Monk’s Moment of Clarity finishing move feat tooltip now properly states that it is a stacking bonus, rather than an Insight bonus.

Hardly relevant since you’d have to be a Mystic (where the only Void attack exists to activate the finisher) to use it. I mentioned this last time because there’s no reason I know not to have a simple Void Strike feat added back into the game for non-Mystics to use this finisher and its dark version once more.

I will try to forget what I’ve known about the Mystic and give it another try soon. I’ve learned more on defense options and the game has evolved significantly over several updates to provide options I hadn’t had available when the first Mystics arrived.



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  1. DDOCentral
    Oct 21, 2016 @ 00:03:43

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  2. Vladrich
    Oct 21, 2016 @ 12:33:48

    Update on the Mystic:
    I had a chance to play it live last night for a few hours (and spent a good half an hour reallocating the extra AP that I suddenly had access to) and so far it’s not been as bad as I initially feared (Steelstar replied to my post within the Henshin DDO Forum and helped alleviate some of my worst fears). Mystic does play a bit differently and I have to keep reminding myself that I can drop Cauldron a lot more often than I currently do.

    Damage: I hit like a ton of bricks with the staff. With this uptick in physical damage I have seen less elemental damage overall. Although they do balance themselves out in the end, there are a few downsides I’ve noticed. The lack of named staves with both metalline and alignment is even more noticeable now than it was before the update, enemy DR can take a significant amount of damage off of my staff strikes (damage that I wouldn’t have noticed because of how I stacked fire spell power).
    I’m still adjusting on ki attacks cooldowns, but it does seem that Quick Draw has cleaned up the animation a bit and made it slightly faster to use these abilities between swings (and now I have Quick Draw twice on my character sheet since I took it at mid levels before I realized the need for even more HP, but not sure if I want to spend the shards to fix it with a pending reincarnation).

    Defenses: Still paper-thin with all of my mage gear from how the mystic played before the update, but not going to complain about the added PRR. I’m still going to add a bit more Con into future mystic builds for HP.

    Ki: To sum it up, almost always maxed out within a minute of starting a quest. Still can’t spend it fast enough.

    Healing: I don’t seem to be healing as efficiently as I was before the update, I’m not sure if I screwed up my healing amplification total in the rebuild. Still getting a contract cleric for most adventures to make my life easier (especially since I switched destinies).

    Gear: I’m going to need to get a sheet of paper out while looking at ddowiki and figure out what I’m going to need to replace in each slot, but easily 50% of what I have now is caster-gear that’ll need to be replaced with a more “martial” outlook. I’ll also free up some bank and bag slots for the gear that I no longer need to boost fire spell power over all 30 levels.
    Nice part is that I can stop farming Temple of Elemental Evil for the mats needed for my fire staff…nothing like a good two hours of slaughtering everything in sight for a handful of mushrooms.

    Epic Destinies: Back in the “EVERYTHING BURNS” stage of the mystic’s life, I leveraged Divine Crusader to increase both fire and physical attacks, but the switch to strait Melee Power means I’ve gone back to Fury of the Wild (aka, “beat it to death with a big stick”). As I play with mystic more I’ll figure out new approaches, but as of now Melee Power is king.

    Anyways, that’s my initial impressions concerning the mystic.

    • teachersyn
      Oct 21, 2016 @ 13:12:34

      Thanks very much for your insight and information. You’ve convinced me to dust off my Mystic and give it a go once more. Thankfully I did save a few Everbright quarterstaves, too. I’ll incorporate your thoughts of the U33 Mystic in later posts as you find more, so keep on these great comments.

      • Vladrich
        Oct 21, 2016 @ 16:38:05

        Mystic is still far from perfect, but not the pile of steaming dung that I feared it would become.
        As your most recent post about handwraps has pointed out, the lack of monk gear is painful for a class that you have to buy. Pre-update 33 my mystic would toss on a pair of handwraps whenever oozes showed up (oozes LOVE eating wooden sticks for some reason…), but I guess that’s not much of an option anymore. On longer quests you’ll want to take an extra staff or two with you until you can get something like the Bone Crusher (which can take the abuse of smashing it against demon’s heads).
        My only other suggestion is to make sure you go for Lawful Good so you can equip Sireth, Spear of the Heavens if you can get one: I’ve had one sitting in my bank since the last anni give-away and it’s one of the few non-bludgeoning quarterstaves in the game (I went Lawful Neutral way back in the day on Vlad when I first started mystic, assured I wouldn’t be getting a Sireth any time soon –and I was so wrong). I am gaining a quick loathing of zombies (and their DR vs bludgeoning) during the Night Revels event as I try to farm the mats for some Wraps of Endless Light (I’ve always missed this event in all the years I’ve played DDO).
        I’ll keep you updated on quirks I discover while playing mystic, I have a few nagging suspicions (not bad, just different) that are bothering me in the back of my mind (but I don’t want to comment on them until I have a better understanding of what might be going on). My pending reincarnate after the Night Revelry and the last 75 favor I need to unlock Favored Soul (no good reason other than to say I did it) will give me the best experience to advise on the Update 33 mystic.

  3. mernom
    Oct 21, 2016 @ 14:04:20

    Not sure if you noticed, but ninja training now works with all weapons. Including wraps, and presumably staves too. Taking the first three cores of the mystic is also a really good investment, as quick draw and the 30 melee power are a really nice boost.

    • teachersyn
      Oct 21, 2016 @ 19:40:23

      I did! Respec’d my Zen archers, but note that the change explicitly does not affect handwraps and staves. If it does, it’s a bug. I’ll look into the Mystic changes; I already took advantage of its Tactical boosts from saved AP.

  4. Eleathan
    Oct 22, 2016 @ 12:34:17

    no, based on the release notes this is working as intended. you can get Dex to-hit and Damage with the first 2 ninja spy cores for any weapon that you are centered with. it’s the 6th core that gives increased crit multiplier that doesn’t affect handwraps or Q-staves. “Basic Ninja Training and Advanced Ninja Training now applies to all weapons you are centered with.” – taken from the release notes for U33 on DDOwiki and again from the DDO.com release notes: “Basic Ninja Training and Advanced Ninja Training now applies to all weapons you are centered with.”

    • teachersyn
      Oct 22, 2016 @ 18:51:47

      I think you’re right there. It means we can use that Midnight Greetings kukri (we’ll lack proficiency, but when zombies need chopping, who cares?). But you made me think of something else: A few points in this for Shintao and they can get more busy on some finesse weapons when bludgeoning doesn’t cut it. Thanks.

  5. Vladrich
    Oct 22, 2016 @ 13:11:42

    The dex-to-damage might be interesting to test out on a mystic build to increase AC, but basic number crunching in my head (and the str prerequisites for the two handed fighting feats) has me questioning the overall damage at mid to upper levels (and I don’t know if you get 150% of your dex-for-damage wielding two-handed weapons).

    • Marik Zilberman
      Oct 22, 2016 @ 13:21:39

      Why woulden’t you? There’s nothing whatsoever that mentions that alternate states to dmg effects the bonus for SWF\2HF.

      • Vladrich
        Oct 22, 2016 @ 18:33:21

        As far as two-handed fighting, the feat line increases the glancing blow damage by 10% and extra melee power (all three feats add up to 50%, which is averages 100-120 damage per glancing blow plus any other tasty secondary effects which proc).To get the entire feat line you need a Strength of 17 (not impossible, but an investment nonetheless depending on your tomes).

        • teachersyn
          Oct 22, 2016 @ 22:57:59

          One thing I did for some awful reason was to skip the THF line. I might review my feats to see what I took because that’s a bit weird. I should have the STR necessary.

          • Vladrich
            Oct 23, 2016 @ 00:09:33

            I’ve chatted with a few other melee classes (2hw dsp usually) in the game on the rare occasion I’ve run in a group (I still enjoy playing solo for the most part, lack of responsibility towards others, yadda, yadda, yadda) and more than a few times I’ve been surprised that they hadn’t considered the feat line either. Things like that happen. 🙂

    • teachersyn
      Oct 22, 2016 @ 18:54:07

      It’s a thought. Adding DEX would also help Reflex and AC, too. I’ve pulled my Mystic from mothballs and I’m actually liking what I see so far. She’s woefully undergeared so that’s a priority before I feed her to the hounds. But that melee power is really good. Doesn’t hurt that I spam Cleave, Great Cleave and Whirlwind Attack while neg-leveling and burning things in a Cauldron, either. Forgot how fun that was…

      • Vladrich
        Oct 23, 2016 @ 00:20:48

        It really is fun, isn’t it? 🙂
        I’ve been running the holiday event (changed my mind about the handwraps, going for a fully powered up cloak of shadows and a few lower level ones if I have time) and honestly really surprised at how well Vladrich is holding her own with a contract cleric in a level 35 dungeon. My next build is definitely grabbing Great Cleave in the reincarnate (pre-33 I wasn’t sure of the merits), but that’s changed as I spam cleave all the time with Shadows Cannot Exist Without Light, Quick Strike, and Adrenaline Overload (and the appropriate elemental word and elemental ki attack when I know something is weak against an element).

      • Vladrich
        Oct 23, 2016 @ 00:26:09

        Oh, and I’ve been giggling like a madman with Cauldron; I’ve learned that you can set it off by certain doors (not all) that you know something is hiding behind and just watch the damage numbers begin to pile up as the creatures can’t counter attack. Probably not working as intended, but it is something to make you giggle depending on the quest.

  6. Marik Zilberman
    Oct 22, 2016 @ 13:22:47

    And another something: Water stance now grants Dodge cap increase. If my numbers are correct, an elf water stance Shintao with MoW can cap at 40 dodge.

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