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portrait-lynncletica1“Does not work with handwraps” is a common phrase seen in several of the melee-based Epic Destinies.

But, with the changes to handwraps as an Exotic weapon, Teacher Mernom and myself immediately wondered if that restriction has been lifted. I decided to find out with Lynncletica, my Shintao Monk.

Some general changes to the Jade strike-related attacks are amazing to use. I’ve adapted them for use quickly as I farm in the Night Revels.

While the Strike Tainted Creatures attack does not proc very often, the second-highest attack, Jade Strike, is highly effective against anything, including red-named enemies, in reducing their fortification enough to improve damage. If the enemy’s Will save isn’t good, they’re encased in jade–and this is occurring much more often than before since the Jade strikes have improved DCs. Jade Strike’s fortification reduction and encasement has a short cooldown as well (around 30 seconds), making it my second-favorite attack against non-bosses.

Tomb of Jade seems also more effective, but combined with Jade Strike, my attacks nearly double in damage, going into 400 to 600 per strike, depending on the target’s DR.

Now to summarize how Epic Destinies are helping.

Legendary Dreadnought

I retooled the destiny points to add in Lay Waste and Momentum Swing and also added Pulverizer.

Wearing the Storm’s Harness handwraps, my inventory status showed 17-20 for the critical range. The critical threat multiplier showed X3 on the handwrap weapon data. That suggests that these abilities are applying.

Master’s Blitz certainly works as before and makes for great option in sustained fighting to boost overall damage, especially with effects that now work with the revised handwraps. With the Blitz going, enemies that get struck by Jade Strike are damaged far quickly.

In this and all destinies, the Melee Power boosts have risen dramatically. Where, in the past, I made hits of around 120 per strike, I now see hits in the 220s (depending on the target’s DR) with critical hits between 1100 to 3000.

Unyielding Sentinel

Not surprisingly to most of you, this is my all-defense destiny I use for tanking in raids or in the toughest quests. It has the highest Melee Power rating found in a few other destinies and many abilities that allow me to adjust my defenses while still delivering some damage.

This destiny doesn’t offer STR boosting as Dreadnought does, but with the handwrap changes, the overall damage has nicely improved.

The Tower of Despair Incredible Potential ring I have (which provided Holy Burst/Good-alignment for unarmed attacks) is behaving as it should, now that handwraps are true weapons: The ring no longer functions unless I am bare-handed with no handwraps or weapons equipped. To my understanding, Purify Weapon only gives Good damage, but not alignment, but I’ll check that. In the interim, I chose another point to CON in that destiny since I could use all the HP I could get.

That ToD rings will no longer work is a bit bittersweet because it gives one more reason why the Tower of Despair raid is rarely attended today. There’s little there to gain for the Epic or high-level Heroic character and now, nothing for the Monk. The rings were an answer for needed DR bypass for the Monk, not long after its introduction, especially since Green Steel handwraps weren’t possible. Time moves on, but a refresh to the raid would be nice.

Fury of the Wild

The berserker destiny should be a great one to use for Monks, and I didn’t expect it to disappoint.

While the overall damage is lower per attack with only +3 Melee Power per innate ability, the burst damage isn’t bad, but it can be inconsistent against enemies. That is, if you’re not readied against Blur or other miss-chance effects, your attacks miss and your opportunity is lost.

One significant benefit for the Monk (learned with optimizing WIS for Paracleta) is that I can heavily boost WIS through Primal Scream and Fury Made Placid, which gives me the highest WIS to-date for Lynncletica from any destiny, with all gear and potions (58). This makes the DCs for Stunning and Jade striking much more effective.

Grandmaster of Flowers

The Monk-aligned destiny didn’t gain any new advantages with the change that I can note for Monks themselves. If you have a non-Monk that needs to use the destiny, you’ll now gain Handwrap proficiency to wield them if you care to use them.

For Lynn as a tanker, it’s the least useful destiny of the melee destinies, and it feels weird saying that. The problem is that there are many good abilities, however, adding points to gain these abilities all but sacrifices the options I’ve used in other destinies to boost STR, CON or WIS. I do use Twists of Fate to add in particularly notable abilities from GMoF into more offensive destinies, abilities such as A Dance of Flowers, Piercing Clarity and Standing with Stone.


As with GMoF, life as a Shadowdancer using a Shintao Monk also shows little change. This destiny is more inclined to weapon use and augment stealth or Rogue-related features such as Sneak Attacks, threat reduction, and diversionary abilities that passively empower you rather than directly overpowering your enemies. Lynn can sneak but she’s meant to attract the ire of anything around her.


Surprisingly, this is a decent destiny for a Shintao. You can choose STR throughout and the handful of abilities that can apply to melee fighters work well. First is the second innate ability, Glitter of Fame, that adds +1 to all abilities except CHA. Also, Intoxicating Presence adds a stun-guard. The aggressive Reign adds Lightning damage to attacks, and Echoes of the Ancestors: Martial adds +1 to STR and DCs if you take the Legendary Dreadnought mode.

In the course of writing this I had a small inspiration for a ninja variant. More on that once I test out some things if it pans out.

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  1. jamesblakeney
    Nov 05, 2016 @ 22:22:47

    I found a way around that tod rings but at level 10. I used cannith crafting to make a level 10 +4 handwraps of slashing 3d6 and evil effect 3d6. It was flametouched so I got good and evil covered. I figure slashing may benefit more from melee power than anything else. To top if off i added con damage effect in the extra slot. A solar festival effect was a nice boost from Night Revels. Those things work on cannith crafting like random lootgen.

    • mernom
      Nov 06, 2016 @ 12:38:13

      There are hardly any enemies that have evil DR. Then again, the alignment damage weapons are no longer limited by the user’s or the target’s alignment (I think, may be wrong), so that is of less consern. About the slashing/bludgeoning/piercing, it makes no difference since the extra effect ignore DR.

      • teachersyn
        Nov 06, 2016 @ 22:21:29

        I can think of three groups that require Evil DR: The Eladrin (Running with the Devils), the brainwashed Silver Flame (Wrath of the Flame) and the Archons (The Archon’s Trial). In these cases, Aligned weapons are fine, but the boss planetar in the Trial boss fight has crazy DR against anything but slashing DR, it seems. I’ve hit her with everything else. 🙂

  2. DDOCentral
    Nov 06, 2016 @ 01:54:17

    Reblogged this on DDOCentral.

  3. mernom
    Nov 06, 2016 @ 12:43:26

    Not only the rings stopped working. The brawling gloves as well. Probably any ability that a used to add damage to unarmed attacks. A possible workaround would to make it that any damage that is a added to unarmed attacks also gets added to handwraps…

    Just making sure: momentum swing works with wraps now, right?

    • teachersyn
      Nov 06, 2016 @ 22:22:22

      Haven’t checked those. If they’re going to keep them in the game, they need to get a modification. I might have to make a list that the devs can consider as we discover them. And yes, it seems all melee cleaves from LD work with the new handwrap paradigm.

  4. jamesblakeney
    Nov 10, 2016 @ 13:25:46

    Something new maybe. I stealthed and using handwraps attempted to hit mobs. i couldn’t until I switched weapons. Wonder if it’s me or the hit box with wraps.

    • teachersyn
      Nov 10, 2016 @ 17:27:06

      Oh, that can’t be good. I’ll try a test on that. I’ve heard people having weirdness with handwraps in attacks. I’ve also noted a “swishing” visual effect with handwraps not present before the change.

  5. jamesblakeney
    Nov 11, 2016 @ 17:11:20

    There’s a bug report on the forum that flametouched handwraps are not getting the good alignment. I tested mine and it’s true. On the other hand my handwraps that had the good effect is good aligned.

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