From the Silence Comes Energy

Ryn3aSorry for the dubious record of 6 months without so much as a “hello.”

As they say in my guild, “real life comes first.” My new job also reoriented my free time, enjoying family and caring for their needs and my own, while my priority to game had dropped. While I do get in two hours or so of DDO per week since March, that pales to the 15+ hours I would find the play years before. Burnout was also a factor.

Thankfully, DDO keeps changing, so now there is more for me to explore and consider, even if I’m reduced to only monthly or bi-monthly posts.

Too much has changed for me to delve immediately to in-depth analysis, so let’s go to the basics, which I can expand on in later posts.

  • Update 36 Named Items: A few interesting baubles for the Monk class, but nothing struck me as spectactular or notable, save perhaps for the Red Fens set updates, which are always handy for mid-level Monks as they struggle to level 12.
  • Quintessica, my Henshin Mystic, has completed many a Deathwyrm run, showing her general competence in stick fighting. But still that tree lacks improved stick-fighting and defensive skills over other classes. I’ll be reviewing that stock build to see if other trees could improve it.
  • Update 37’s introduction of missile deflection seemed a bit redundant to me since the Deflect Arrows feat, as well as miss-chance effects tend to fulfill this role. To date, I’ve not seen any item that provides this feature. I hope to add it to Pynthetica, my original Zen Archer. Changes I couldn’t discern some months ago seemed to make her far more susceptible to injury in raids, as if her miss-chance powers were negated.
  • After a very successful first-life, the Zen Bowmaster Paracleta got a heroic reincarnation. Originally built as a damage-dealer, the Arcane Archer DC changes allowed Paracleta to become a potent crowd-controlling monster. This time, I’ll work on additional tweaks to increase both damage and AA DCs.
  • My proudest build is the Poison Master, my Drow Ninja Spy. Great DPS, a versatile scout, lots of tactical options, Ryncletica’s most serious foes are those she cannot overcome with ninja tactics or poison–generally, the undead and demons/devils. She’s about to go through Deathwyrm runs to improve her weaponry as well as giving me to to play with options. I may create a new alt with less baggage to firm up the build’s first-life play options and variations.
  • The Sentient Weapons feature is nostalgic, taking me back to the Neverwinter Nights game expansion that introduced Enserric, a sentient weapon that threw humorous quips as you fought with it while also offering a power bonus.  I’m still studying the impact of this feature and may write about it another time. I do love the idea of feeding said weapons items that you collect that build up over time in banks and caches but cannot use yet cannot sell. DDO sometimes seems intent on turning us into hoarders without ways to utilize what we collect.
  • Update 37’s new raid and the Ravendark quests are just the thing for a Shintao Monk. I hope to play it through with Lynncletica soon. The named items here are actually very interesting, although gathering them from what are probably the pinnacle raids available in the game seems a little defeating.

I hope to get the Monk guide updated (perhaps with an entirely new look) to clear out outdated information and perhaps focus on gameplay-specific features of my builds to emphasize how to play the Monk classes as whole. No promises as to when this will happen; I need to study the best way, if any, to make that happen.

See you sooner, than later.

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  1. Tetsuo Shojin
    Jan 14, 2018 @ 08:02:15

    Thank you for the update! It has been awile hasn’t it. Love the posts and your insight. Have spent many hours going through the Monk Guides in the past. Ravenloft seemed “meh” for monks. Although… the new Handwraps you get for free are pretty sweet for undead (if you are that type of monk), slap a Ghostbane Gem in there and you are an undead destroyer at level. Thanks again!

  2. saekee
    Jan 14, 2018 @ 08:07:00

    So glad you have put RL & family first, good to hear from you!
    The sentient weapons have Snake Bite filigrees as an option for your poison master. The Vistani tree allows monks to be centered with daggers. I launched ROGUE Quatre on the forums—why not give it a try? I would not attempt them without noisemaker abilities.

    Good to see you back!

    • teachersyn
      Jan 14, 2018 @ 11:49:12

      That’s very interesting, Snake Bite. To upgrade an Epic Envenomed Blade on a Poison Master in that way with 3 filigrees for Sentient Poison….whoa. And I freaked when I saw some character holding their swords in reverse. Someone said that’s part of being an Aassimar, but I’ll hold out hope. I guess poisoned posts will be the order of the day! Glad to see you’re still at it as well.

    • Tetsuo Shojin
      Jan 15, 2018 @ 07:24:19

      I totally forgot about the Vistani Tree, have read about it and see it. But…only got base edition so can’t use it. That is super cool on the Dagger Centered (Slice N Dice anyone!). I normally add 8 levels Fighter (Kensei “centered” with whatever weapon you want) and 12 monk for special builds. But this is nice to keep it pure monk! So Cool! And will have to read up on Sentience.. Hmmmmm…

  3. DDOCentral
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  5. erdrique
    Jan 18, 2018 @ 18:40:34

    Definitely know what you mean when it comes to having your schedule changed. Mine has been flipped around and turned inside out with changes at the office and available free time which has found my blogging activity dwindle (among other things)…Hoping to catch things back up once I figure out a more stable schedule!!

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