The Art of Shadow: It Pays Well!

When I got to Stormreach, I had no idea how much fun I’d have–and how much work I have waiting for me!

Rogues are always in demand. I keep my training as pure as the ale I drink, so I can earn my keep and get my parties in and out of dungeons with their skin not frozen or fried or blasted (much).

I love the life of acrobatics, so I make sure that, if anything’s trying to kill me, it WON’T be something that tries to knock me off my feet. That’s all but impossible now…although I’ve heard of some snake-like demon in an outlying desert that’s not to be trusted.

It helps to be with a guild that’s filled with a few other kinfolk that know the ways of getting the most out of  your dungeon crawling. Tyrs Paladium likes to enjoy the quests, get the most experience out of it and find that little bit of loot that a young, upcoming woman needs for superior ass-kicking later on.

For now, it’s back to keeping the party alive…although I’ve been thinking lately on how I might be able to go at some less-risky jobs all by my lonesome. Have staff and tools, will travel!