About the Voiced Stories

I’ve written many stories where my toons tell a tale. Syncletica and her monastery and her charges. Arcammedes and Ayvanna, new and upcoming Artificers.

Part of the reason I write these stories is to help note special skills, feats and items related to that class. It’s real meat-and-potatoes data, fitted into a story context, that helps you understand why you may care to consider skills, feats and items for your toons.

That, and I’m trying to keep my hand in with fiction writing. Been working on a book (now books) for years now, and hope to get something out to an agent sometime.

I hope you enjoy the stories while they also remind you of what you can do with your toon. DDO is more clicky-clicky than role-play, and my stories aim to add a little of the RPG back in an otherwise great game.