Free Deaths! Just Reclaim the Rift!

Does death always have the best moves in the game of life?

I was pretty optimistic, there, recounting a recent guild Epic Elite run in “Trial By Fury.”

I had to pass on a later guild EE run into “Deal and the Demon” but was able to make a venture into EE “Reclaiming the Rift” last night.

Death was there as usual, but he opened up a strip mall for us, handed us complimentary tickets to get killed as often as we didn’t want, sold invitations for every enemy to come help us die in several gruesome and immediate ways, and to break practically every piece of gear we carried.

Lynncletica joined in, as before, the one character I have that I have fortified and trained and equipped to survive better than any other character I have for Epic Elite. I think I survived about 5-10 seconds longer on average than the rest of the party.

I’ve asked others in the DDO Forums to give us their take on that quest in EE difficulty. As I admitted in the thread, we likely went in too “light,” with two pure Light Monks, one Cleric Monk, a Bard and a Barbarian.  In this fight, a powerful “sword and board’ melee such as a Paladin is likely needed. I’m sure I’ll get some interesting answers (and a few who can’t help but rub it in).

For me, the deaths often came from enemy mages that pummeled me with death spells or elemental damage faster than I could reach them and smack them silly with a stun. If it wasn’t the mages, it was the dracoliths that dealt absolutely brutal slashing damage in the 130 range.

So it’s back to the drawing board I go to study specific quests and how specific classes handle it better than others. I’m sure that Monks don’t fare as well against slashing damage, but often I save enough against such attacks not to come to grips with this problem, until now.

I’m sure I’ll have a few answers in the thread that suggest multiclassing a bit. I don’t like to do this but rather try to push a single class to its fullest. That, and Epic Destinies add similar versatility than complicating a character’s build identity by splitting it two or three ways.

Feel free to relate your EE fight experiences–please! Knowing is half the battle! (The other half is fighting it.)