My Own Private Normandy Landing

Even after 70 years, this scene in history, of storming the deadly beaches near Normandy, remains one of the most incredible witnesses to bravery in World War II.

Even after 70 years, this scene in history, of storming the deadly beaches near Normandy, remains one of the most incredible witnesses to bravery in World War II.

Ever since I heard of one quest getting updated, I’ve been anxious to see it.

Update 22 brings us an Epic version of Three-Barrel Cove. My ninjas have been sharpening their stars at the notion of challenging hordes of pirates.

But there are other nastier pirates, such as the Blood Tide, which have had designs on Stormreach by first emasculating and decapitating the city’s military defensive center, House Deneith.

Of the five quests in the Sentinels of Stormreach chain, one didn’t have an Epic version until now.

Storm the Beaches” not only got an upgrade but changed one aspect that made things interesting.

One of the three objectives is to destroy eight ballistas along the pirate fortress. In the original Heroic version, eliminating these was as easy as targeting any breakable object.

But now, the ballistas fire back with massive area-of-effect damage that will likely kill you in one strike.

Yes, those ballistae you’ve used to shoot down pirate airships in Three-Barrel Cove are now directed at you.

The quest title fits the bill now. You still have three ways to start the quest: Attack the moored pirate ship, use a side trail leading to the fortress’s top, or (as the quest name implies) land on the beaches around the fortress.

If you are spotted, the enemies that guard the ballistas will fire on you with their weapons and the ballistas.

Ever played “Medal of Honor” games, set in WWII? One very memorable scenario puts you as a player character about to land on Omaha Beach, the heaviest and deadliest encounter of the several Allied landfalls of Operation Overlord, on the beaches near Normandy, France. We recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of that landing.

In MoH, the game tried to murder you on Normandy beach. The same words were used by the DDO player that described his experience with the revised quest in the Lammania thread I’ve read.

I normally like the trail pass option, so I tried the spymaster option using Szyncletica the star-thrower ninja.

All was well in sneaking up to the upper level. Knowing what to expect, I began throwing stars at a ballista.

It was down to less than a third of its health when I saw it.

That projectile, tree-trunk sized and shaped like a flaming arrow, approached me head-on. I was mesmerized by how it looked, locked in amazement at the attack’s speed and range.

BAM. And that’s when I died from over 1200 points of bludgeon damage.

A second attempt with Szyncletica fared only slightly better. I had swam from the spymaster drop-off to the moored enemy ship and removed all resistance, and then entered the submerged entrance to remove all enemies inside.

On exiting to the outside at the south entrance, I was spotted and I heard a ballista activate. I hurried back in, expecting to have the ballista lose its target lock on me.

I came back out through the watery entrance and began a swim on the outskirts of the western edge of the map, stealthy and invisible.

BAM. Lesson #2: Ballistae never lose their target lock, even if you enter into the fortress. Stealth does no good. I already knew from posts that invisibility was also a wash.

I love this quest, despite failing very badly at it so far. It’s requiring me to really, really think.

And I think that I need to get a party gathered to go into this one.

The biggest challenge is that your own “army” is going to be limited to six. Good luck.