The 1st Rule of Thaarak Wraps Fight Club

A fellow guildmate laments this DDO forum thread on a new handwrap that is making quite the sensation.

I’m talking about the Thaarak Wraps.

My main character, a Light Monk named Syncletica, was lucky to obtain these during our guild’s recent runs on the Hound of Xoriat raid. The wraps will only drop at Hard or Elite difficulty, as well as a handful of other incredible items for other classes, including a Rogue’s or archer’s dream ring, some awe-inspiring bracers for spell-casters, a divine healer’s shield, +3 ability stat tomes, and much more.

But it’s the Thaarak Wraps that interest some of the masses for two reasons.

One: Any class can wear and use handwraps, even if your non-Monk toon looks like it’s dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld as they fight unarmed.

Two: Like the greatsword named Terror, the Wraps have the Nightmare quality. They unleash Force damage (in fact, the most incredible Force Bursting damage of any handwraps I own), often erupting with the Phantasmal Killer spell on a critical hit.

And that’s the worry of my guildmate. He’s concerned that the devs will eventually nerf these wraps when people talk about their impressive ability to kill.

Now, I can vouch for the killing part of these wraps. I took these babies into The Mindsunder quest in the Inspired Quarter, primarily running in Ocean Stance for highest Wisdom. With my guildmates (one armed with a Terror), we slaughtered the place on Hard. If the terrible acid burst and force burst effects of the wraps didn’t take a foe down fast enough, the very frequent PK procs from my Wraps and Terror did. (It didn’t hurt that most of us took in a Shard of Xoriat with us and were very lucky to bring in four Beholders to one end-fight.)

I don’t think the devs will do anything to the Wraps in later updates, save one thing. First, the Terror greatsword is tough to get, and requires your toon to be proficient in greatswords. Now, while those who can use a greatsword will welcome a Terror at their side, how often does that sword proc a PK? It would depend on whether the player uses a Bloodstone or something else that increases his critical hit modifier, I reckon.

In contrast, a good Monk stacks himself with at least a Blood Stone, but also has learned to run around in Mountain Stance III or IV, where your critical hit range expands from 20 on handwraps to 19-20 and greatly increases your proc chances. Combined with the DPS of the typical unarmed Monk, the Wraps are truly an evil weapon.

However, the Wraps aren’t a “new vorpal” by any means. The Thaarak Wraps will tear through any living creature, true. But some creatures resist them–and they just happen to be among the toughest of the game’s denizens.

  • Xoriat creatures (except perhaps, beholders) resist or are immune from the acid bursting.
  • Any well Death Warded or red-named enemies are immune from the PK effect. This includes most fights against devils, demons and tieflings in the Devil Battlefield or Vale of Twilight.
  • Non-living creatures (constructs) are immune from PK. In fact, a clay golem can be greatly healed by using these things on them–a definite no-no.

The thread link above talks of a Paladin doing his Elaine’s Dance-of-Death in a PvP fight, scoring more kills than others. I can guarantee you that the Paladin was an exception rather than a rule in the use of the Wraps. Why? Because, Paladins have the best saves in the game and, thus, are able to leverage their attack DCs as well (if not better) than Monks.

One other reason I don’t worry about the nerfing of the Wraps involves getting them in the first place. All the great loot in Hound at Hard/Elite is Bound to Character–no swapping them to your other toons or selling them. And have you actually completed Hound on Hard? Without a coordinated party and solid gameplay, your odds of finishing off Xyzzy are pretty damn nil.

What if the devs decide to do something about the Wraps? I submit one idea. They change the Wraps’s to a Monk or Half-Elf requirement. That way, only the Monks can benefit (or a Half-Elf with a Monk dilettante), limiting the spread of the things.

So, fear not. We can talk about Thaarak Wraps.

The restriction on talking about Fight Club does remain, however.