Th-th-that’s ALL, Folks! (Or, Ending a Shroud Run with a Bang)

So, Tyrs Paladium makes another successful run at The Shroud.

We punish the portals.

We terrorize the occupants of the maze and destroy its four denizens.

We solve the many puzzles and, despite the prismatic wall appearing and spinning about, conquer the third area.

When Arrietreikos shows up, it takes three rounds to slay him and his friends (don’t judge us!) but we prevailed.

We initiated a new guildmate by having him attempt to get our “bonus chest” as we entered the final fight.

After a time, Arrietreikos falls one last time, and the guild collects most of their loot shortly before we all exploded.


Wait…what? Explode?



As a few us waited about as they rolled for a Large Devil Scale I was donating, somebody drank a Potion of Wonder.

I nickname them “Potions of WTF” since you have no damn idea what the things will do. I give any I find to our guild leader and warn her to drink them far, far away from me.

Not long ago, somebody at Turbine thought it would be funny to add one effect to a Potion of Wonder: Detonation Pack.

You remember. You find them in the Lordsmarch quest “Undermine” and in the Cannith adventure, “Blown to Bits.”

The result?

Nuke the party while they loot. It’s the only way to be sure.

The Potion of Wonder detonated and vaporized the looting party.

I couldn’t help but laugh like crazy as we tried to revive ourselves and the person who drank the potion confessed and apologized much.

Talk about ending your raid with a bang.