Quick Thoughts on the Balance Changes

scalesProducer Severlin announced some expected changes to game balance in a future update.

While much of it doesn’t affect my favorite class, a few changes will adjust how Monks fight.

The first change is the removal of Melee Power from all Two Weapon Fighting feats. Sev and Team believes they build too much DPS based on their standard for DPS, the Swashbuckler. With a few TWF ninjas under my belt, I’m unsure of this. But then, the changes reflect adjustments that are larger in scope than my experience and skill.

The Keen weapon property is being adjusted to be stronger on some weapons than others. The list of weapons given a +3 bonus to critical threat range seem, to me, weapons that aren’t used as often as they could be: Kukris (love ’em), rapiers, falchions and scimitars. This doesn’t change my current +1 to my shortswords. Clearly this encourages more use of those weapons. Improved Critical also gains similar changes.

Now the meaty stuff. Manyshot is being revised. Rather than multiple shots for 20 seconds, Manyshot damage is calculated as Base Attack Bonus (times 4) to both your Doubleshot and Ranged Power levels. It still shares a 30 second cooldown with Ten Thousand Stars. This clearly forces the monkcher builds to retool, and I don’t think I mind that.

Likewise, Ten Thousand Stars adds your Wisdom score to Ranged Power and then adds your Monk level * 5 to your Doubleshot. This one I like as it clearly forces more Monk levels to use a Monk-designed feat. This, again, throws the monkcher idea under the bus again since only 2 Monk levels just won’t make TTS effective. For my all-Monk level Zen Archer, however, this REALLY brings the AD&D concept of WIS into play with Monks and bows and means TTS may deliver more damage than Manyshot, encouraging me to use that feat slot for something else.

Doubleshot values over 100% now have a chance to create an additional attack. I don’t know how I could take advantage of this myself, but it’s something to look into. I’m happy to get 35% sustained Doubleshot on my first complete Zen Archer.

The thread is full of sass and cuss. It’s worth a read. I haven’t read it since the first, so there may be changes since then. How does these and other changes affect your build?

I’m really thinking how this can make my Zen Archer a greater powerhouse.